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  1. It's a fortunate thing you booked for next year and not this I suppose. It is a major disappointment we can't go this year, but we are doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is. Yes, thankfully there will still be storms next year, and we will all be a lot safer plus will be doing the right thing. Hopefully between now and next year won't drag too much. I personally won't be following things too closely thus year as it will just lead to me being on a downer. That's not good! ?
  2. This seems to be far from straight forward today. I know one thing, I'd probably end up in the wrong place for seeing a nado!
  3. Hi fellow storm fans! It's great to get to know some of you already and get an idea who will be on tour 1. This will be my 8th year in a row chasing (yes, it can be addictive!) :-) I can't wait to get back out to tornado alley again and feel the juicy atmosphere and experience the most extreme weather in the world. Hopefully we are in for a good year this year after a quiet year last year. Bring on those mothership supercells and tornadoes! See you all soon. Olly.
  4. Last week I booked very pricey flights direct to Dallas so I could travel with Adam (last time ever! (Not travelling with Adam lol!)) Today the prices have dropped ? Looking forward to cheaper prices next year and maybe the Denver option. There's so much more to life than Dallas and BA!
  5. Take a camera as you'll then relive the great memories you'll have. You don't really have to take an all sing, all dancing camera anymore as the pics and video you can get from a decent iPhone etc these day can be stunning. Plus you'll save massively on luggage space! Depends on how pro you want to get I suppose.
  6. The last pics of the day just west of Enid, Oklahoma.
  7. Towards the end of the day we pulled up at a couple of places to make the most of the stunning structure and amazing cloudscapes. These pics were taken just west of Enid, Oklahoma. This video was taken by Adam Simpkins. Not a bad first tour at all! .
  8. Here is a screen grab of the of the Chester Tornado we chased today. No video yet as needs editing so it's 'Child Friendly'! lol. You can see the debris being whipped up at the base of the tornado. It was an amazing high octane chase.
  9. Another pic of the stunning supercell near Stinnett
  10. A couple of images from chase day 8. The b/w is the McLean Tornado, the first of the day. Briefly touched down as a thin rope just after this pic. The second was towards the end of the day when we stood up on an elevated position and took some pics of mostly inter-cloud lightning
  11. Cheers for the warning Mark, i'll let as many guys know as I can. Hope you are enjoying Dallas
  12. Evening! Glad it's pretty warm. All of us except one arrive in Monday, it's looking as if Tuesday could be a pool day so warm the pool for us if you can ;-)
  13. The first few days are definitely looking good. Question is how far east we go with the low.
  14. Don't forget to take all the camera kit you have, plenty of SD cards (they don't all need to be large capacity), not just shorts and t-shirt as cold weather could be a possibility so a fleece/trousers/jacket may be a good idea. A waterproof top and don't forget the mozzy spray plus sun tan lotion...although hopefully it won't be too sunny!
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