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  1. Horrendous conditions in Arviat, Nunavut, Canada; -35C, Heavy snow, 30mph winds and a windchill around -55C! That really is brutal.
  2. Stockport - twinned with Sapporo... :)

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      twinned with some place in France here.

  3. Interesting to see March mentioned so often there. I'd imagine it's a month than can be just as severe as the "proper" winter months in your location, especially in comparison to much of the rest of England.
  4. It's only just recently been updated by the look of it. Encouraging?
  5. How long do you reckon it would take the mods to find the body if we killed someone in this thread, with all the excitement in the mod thread?!
  6. Yeah, it's a consequence of the ever increasing size of the cars on our roads. Compare the 1960's original Mini with its modern BMW equivalent, likewise with the Fiat 500. Or even an early 90's Vauxhall Vectra to a modern Insignia. For example, a MK1 VW Golf is 1.5 feet shorter and 6 inches narrower than it's modern equivalent MK7. So not only are fewer cars taking up the same length of road as they were 20/30/40 years ago, but they are also sticking out into it more, with modern cars parked on both sides of the road taking up an extra foot of road width, or more - often the difference between just squeezing through or outright blocking the road. With cars set to get increasingly bigger to accommodate safety features and mod cons, you've got to wonder how long the current laws surrounding parking can continue.
  7. Guess what happened here today?...Go on, you'll never guess!...give up? It rained.
  8. There was thick fog here when I went to bed but clear and frosty when I woke up. Can't really complain as it's beautiful out there, but I was kind of hoping for a nice foggy day today, I've not had one for a while.
  9. It's probably not as wet in terms of the amount of rain, but it's been b***dy persistent!
  10. Don't know about anyone else but to me this winter, so far, has seemed wetter here than it did at the same point last winter. I think I've had just a couple of completely dry days since at least late November.
  11. Once again, thanks to RJS and J10 for continually doing this on all our behalf. Much appreciated.
  12. That was quick! I guess a few of the Met Office guys and girls stayed sober over new year then! Only 0.1C out. A good start for me after last year's nightmare.
  13. Was shocked before when I was going to pop out in the car and discovered it was starting to freeze over. Colder at this point than it was last night, was expecting a mild night for some reason...
  14. You South Westerners have seemingly done pretty well out of this spell. I've been keeping tabs and places like Bournemouth and Exeter have been surprisingly chilly, and many other places in your region even colder. Not that often that your neck of the woods is the coldest in the country.
  15. Thanks for that info interitus and BFTV, would never have guessed the maxima contributed more. I assumed the opposite mainly due to how much overnight cloud there has seemingly been this year.
  16. Yeah. It's felt more like consistent warmth than any exceptional heat, with mild overnight minima almost certainly more of a factor than high maxima.
  17. No. I learnt me lesson last year with that idea...
  18. I just put half a gallon of anti-freeze in mine...
  19. Have we any official confirmation yet on where did (or didn't) see a white Christmas?
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