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  1. "Huge plume of boiling air" Wouldn't that result in, say, temperatures around 100C, rather than the lowly 40C they're predicting with certainty?
  2. If this currency does ever come to fruition, then why not just copy it and air drop in tonnes of it, giving them a Mugabe currency? Surely they aren't considering making them out of precious metals?
  3. Blood money, literally. Anyway, I wouldn't expect to see it listed for exchange in the local post office any time soon. Hold on, surely that would be a very stupid move? Getting rid of using actual money that is worth something around the world only to replace it with Monopoly money? Perhaps we should offer to print it for them, in exchange for every Dollar, Pound, Euro etc in their possession.
  4. Does that not do the Scots a disservice? I mean, if Westminster are so incompetent and out of touch then how were the likes of Darling and Brown able to terrify the generally well educated Scots into a no vote? How can they be so ineffective at running a country yet so effective in tricking the switched-on Scots into a vote they may not have really wanted to make? Surely something doesn't add up. Are Westminster both lousy politicians and statesmen but masterminds of deceit and manipulation? (Some would probably argue the latter is a requisite to be the former...) Maybe they are both, but I'll chance that they aren't that convincing, and Scots generally saw through the bullspit and bluster of "project fear". Were does that leave us, what conclusions do we draw? Maybe that rather than "project fear" cowing or tricking the Scots into voting no being the major contributing factor, the "Yes" campaign were not effective enough in convincing enough to vote "yes". I guess it boils down to how much importance one places on the effectiveness of propaganda on public opinion. I'm of the opinion that people can usually separate the wheat from the chaff, and are able to sift out most of the c**p. Sure, the media and other external influences will inevitably play a part in modifying the thoughts, actions and intentions of even the most knowledgeable observer, but I reckon when it comes crunch time most vote based on the knowledge accumulated over time, based upon their own real world experiences, and how the vote will effect them, their family and country in the future. Rightly or wrongly. In a way I see "Project fear" as something of a Scapegoat for the failings of the yes campaign. But, hey. I may be miles out here. You guys will be far more clued up on the ins and outs of the iRef, you were right in the mix. I suppose I'm just offering a part of my outlook on the matter sat 120 miles from the border. Someone from the outside looking in.
  5. Everton's opening six stood out to me, very tough.
  6. Great video, reminds me of a similar video I watched recently entitled something like "Is war going out of fashion?"
  7. No, thankfully. Anyway, being in my 20's I doubt I would have been his "type"...
  8. And the most prolific of them all - Shipman, hailing from just down the road from me. **Shudders**
  9. John Wayne Gacy is the one that scares me; his "Pogo the clown" persona is just downright disturbing! http://www.miaminewtimes.com/arts/the-ten-creepiest-paintings-by-serial-killer-john-wayne-gacy-6491945
  10. 5/6C and steady rain...is it November?

  11. Is Stevie G leaving Liverpool? I haven't noticed...

    1. Mokidugway


      Playing in LA galaxy far far away ..

  12. Just 3 days of pre 6am sunrises here before the clocks change, plunging us back to a 6:50 sunrise on the 29th. It's not until April 20th that I see pre 6am sunrises again after Sunday.
  13. The Simpsons co-creator, Sam Simon, dies of colon cancer aged 59. He donated his entire fortune to charities, primarily animal ones. A great guy who will be missed, especially by us Simpsons fans. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-31801198
  14. October seems like such a long time away from the start of winter for any patterns experienced in it to have an effect. There's an awful lot of water to run under the bridge between Halloween and December 1st. Surely an NPI (November, obviously) would make more sense, as it directly precedes winter? By no means am I rubbishing or dismissing the OPI as a legitimate forecasting tool/method, I'm just not sure about how effective it's capable of being, bearing in mind the mountain of variables.
  15. April 2012 repeat, anyone?! :)

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      If it means another repeat of May 1996, summer and autumn 1993 and winter 2009/2010, then I'm all for a repeat of April 2012! :D

    2. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      We managed more snow on April 4th than at any time this winter...

    3. Richard2901


      One of the worst months I can recall. Unrelentingly cold with 26 days of rain and under 100 hours sun. The last 6 months have been a virtual carbon copy of 2011/12 so wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if April and the summer turned out to be a complete write-off.

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  16. "Jihadi John" - I really wish the media would drop that moniker - it sounds like a bleeding term of endearment. We now know his real name, why not use it when talking about the cretin? And can we not mention Islamic state without it being prefixed with "so-called"?
  17. You omitted B-real of Cypress Hill, the biggest self proclaimed stoner of them all, and his mental faculties seem in order aged 44. http://m.ocregister.com/articles/city-650380-marijuana-lottery.html
  18. That's what a solid defence does, you keep them out and your in with a shout.
  19. Apparently its a sunny, spring-like day outside of the North West...

    1. karyo


      I am thankful for the fog!

    2. Mokidugway


      Sns trying to get out here :)...

    3. karyo


      No chance here as it looks darker and the temperature is a very pleasing 1c :-)

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  20. Old Crow in the Yukon has been flirting with -50C the past few days. However, I've noticed that places on Ellsmere island haven't been as cold as you'd expect all winter, Alert and Eureka have rarely been lower than -40C, spending much of their time in the -20/-30 range. A big positive temperature anomaly in the northern Canadian Arctic this winter?
  21. Just 19 more weeks until the nights start drawing in again...
  22. What fantastic weather we've had here the last week or so, sunny by day and frosty at night. Perfecto.

    1. Mokidugway


      Back to weather you can do outside jobs in comfortably , roll on spring :)...

    2. Mapantz


      Only had one frost :\

    3. Eugene


      Yes fantastic, beautiful sunrises with white landscapes, day temps of 3C/4C

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  23. People underestimate walking, as a postman I've seen people's weight dropping off after starting at the job, and hearing of them putting it back on after leaving, usually to pursuit an office job of some sort. One guy in particular looked like a different person after just a few months, and he was winging about having to buy a new wardrobe! I personally walk for at least 4 hours a day, and cover at least 6 miles, and I've got the opposite problem to you - I struggle to gain mass! My diet hasn't been great (see: been crap) for months, yet I've never even approached being chunky. I think I'm what's known as a "hard gainer". For someone of your size SB (no disrespect), a brisk walk a day would be a very good start, especially as it's quite low impact. You will see the weight slowly drop off, and then you can perhaps adopt some kind of jogging/running regimen, or incorporate one into your walking. Good luck.
  24. Currently sitting in 5th with an average error of 0.2C. Not bad! Weather-History is a real threat, he's always up there, could be an interesting battle this year!
  25. Nah, that's just extreme. I reckon even the polar bears won't fancy being out in that!
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