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  1. Maybe not by the strictest definition, but I'd suggest it's a modern form of "Empire". Also, I wasn't necessarily offering an opinion, it was more of an observation.
  2. And it crumbled, like every other empire before and since. Hasn't history shown us that large, centralised organisations, encompassing peoples of differing cultures and with different ideas are doomed to fail from the start? Eventually, they all revert back to smaller, more manageable pieces, in which most of the people are culturally and politically more alike.
  3. The thing I don't get about the Greenland melt "theory" (is it just a theory??!) in relation to the cold pool is why it is so localised to the south of Greenland. If it is caused/influenced by cold freshwater ice-melt, then wouldn't (shouldn't?) there be cold SST anomalies all around Greenland? I'm not coming at this from any angle, by the way. I'm genuinely interested.
  4. I'm not fussed by Spiders, but Moths and Craneflies do my bloody head in! If I see a Spider in the house, I just let it mind it's own business. September/October is always bad for them. I'm a postman, and at this time of year I walk through enough spider webs everyday that I might as well wear a fly suit. I'm used to it, but its still mildly annoying.
  5. Not sure about Wasps, but at this time of year you get a lot of Die-a-Bee-tees.
  6. Anyone saying that just a few weeks ago would have been laughed at.
  7. Hopefully the deadline day debacle has put him off Madrid, given how they handled it. But yeah, after signing a new contract if they want to try again they are going to have to pay through the nose for him... ...or part exchange him for Ronny!
  8. If Martial carries on how he's started, then that "absurd" £36 Million price tag will start to look like a bargain. Bearing in mind Liverpool paid £35 Million for Andy Carroll...
  9. Maybe, but there was only one goal in the game. Not surprised 0-0 Everton v Swansea is last...
  10. Forever bursting bubbles...City bubbles in the air!
  11. I'm not sure, depends where you are I suppose. I got a few good snowfalls last winter from PM air, and that's with the SST cold anomomly a bit warmer than it could be this Winter.
  12. Appreciably lower SST's between the UK and Iceland in 2015 than 2009. Also, SST's look lower overall almost everywhere this year. Interesting.
  13. Fully agree. I'd find any season tedious if it persisted year round. I like the variety. I couldn't imagine having SAD, I'm honestly not fazed in the slightest by the changing daylight.
  14. Speaking of food...people who talk with their mouth's full - I can't even begin to explain how much it infuriates me. In fact, is probably in first place on my list of "Things that tick you off".
  15. If Germany were so confident and willing to take in so many refugees, shouldn't they have properly thought out how they would do it effectively before they started openly welcoming an unlimited amount to the country? Looks like they underestimated the sheer scale and speed of refugee arrivals.
  16. We are now at the point where the sun has the same intensity as it does in March. http://windowseat.ca/sun/
  17. Not yet, but at least I can now do "Perfect Push-ups"...
  18. Imagine if you bought one on the only day there wasn't a sale on?: "Sir, I've got something to tell you...I think you may need to sit down"
  19. I know, I bet they don't have to get up early in the morning to go T'werk...
  20. What were you eating? Blackpool rock dipped in treacle?!
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