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  1. Yeah, in many respects you need to experience one to appreciate the other.
  2. I'm sure there was more winners one time last year? Like today, they were all obvious results and common scores.
  3. I was 3 goals off £250,000... 3X correct score and 2X correct result. Had Brighton to win 2-0 so I was out of the jackpot early on, still annoying nonetheless. I also went 1-1 in the Swansea game!
  4. True. I've always found that link (dark preference = antisocial) tenuous. How does the dark prevent someone socialising/being social?
  5. Yeah, I've got Kiruna on my Iphone weather app thing, and I've noticed how mild it's been for at least the last month; in November it should be around -7C by day and -13C at night, it's currently still above freezing by day and only getting to -3C or so overnight - considerably warmer than even the October averages.
  6. Wouldn't it be brilliant if they got relegated? They're making Moysey's United look like world beaters.
  7. This. It's human arrogance to think that we should be exempt from disease, famine, conflict etc. If animals get cancer, then why shouldn't humans? If God created all life, then why would/should he make us a special case? If it's good for the Goose, it's good for the Gander. Anyway, given how well humans are ruining the planet, can you blame God for making us violent and disease-ridden? Chances are he wants us gone ASAP for the sake of the rest of his creations and his planet.
  8. Today was the first day in which the sun starts to have the same intensity as the winter months. http://windowseat.ca/sun/
  9. I'm running the risk of being a killjoy, but won't most of that snow west of the Urals and south of say, 60N, be transient/short lived?
  10. Apples and Oranges. If you are in a position to press the button, chances are the world is in dire straights, and doing so may be the lesser of two evils. It's hard to take the moral high ground on this i feel, as not pressing the button could conceivably be the worse option. There are countless possible scenarios in which this might be the case in the future, even if they are currently difficult to fathom. I think BFTV summed up my view very succinctly a few pages back.
  11. There's something wrong when an organisation that is built on/prides itself on trade stifles the ability of it's member states to do exactly that with the rest of the world. That's of course if it's actually true; does the EU actually prevent the UK trading with China, or Spain with Brazil?
  12. There are no excuses for the shockingly high gun related death rate of the US, but does such high gun ownership have any benefits/positives? Aren't crimes against the person (muggings, rape, assault ect) and burglary generally lower in America than in Europe? Does the high gun ownership in America have any bearing on this?
  13. It would just be our luck for the cold pool to moderate or die completely, only to rise like a Phoenix again next April.
  14. I think Dick and Brendan have ran off together. Dick, Bend 'n Roger.
  15. Odds on Jurgen Klinsmann are sliding...
  16. Very true, so surely the more sensible option is getting rid of as many as possible, and ploughing the savings into the intelligence service and conventional military technology to find the terrorists before they can act, and then disarm/destroy the device before it can be used. ...but that's a different debate!
  17. Isn't that the biggest a Nuclear warhead can actually get, restricted by the atmosphere of the Earth, if I'm not mistaken?
  18. I honestly don't know. Obviously, if you are in the position to do so then the world is in a sorry state, and it is an extreme last resort. I can't imagine doing so out of vengeance, but maybe if it is the lesser of two evils, and the net result is less death/destruction. It may be hard to envisage a situation in which a Nuclear blast is the lesser of two evils, but you never know what the future holds. Either way, I wouldn't be doing cartwheels afterwards.
  19. I remember hearing the news about that vividly. Probably goes to show how rare such event are here, as you say.
  20. They can resort to firearms in places like Canada and even Switzerland, yet gun crime is on a far smaller scale than the US in those places. It seems to be the American psyche more than anything quantifiable. "Bowling for Columbine" is a good watch on this subject.
  21. Maybe not to anywhere near the same extent as America, but other countries do have problems with guns/mass shootings. By European standards, isn't Finland quite bad for it? Hasn't Germany had quite a few over the last decade or so? We've obviously had a few right here in the UK. Not strictly an American phenomenon.
  22. I'm still amazed ordinary American citizens can buy assault rifles and sub machine guns- weapons that clearly should only be used by the military or police. Honestly, if you hear a burglar downstairs, how practical is it to pick up a heavy, long and cumbersome AR15 and empty 30 rounds within a matter of seconds? Even the British army used the semi-auto SLR for years as it's main battle rifle. Fully auto weapons are complete overkill, literally, for the civilian populace. I can kinda understand the "right to bear arms", for things like hunting and personal protection, but surely the class of weapons has to be limited to those not so brilliant at killing masses of people in a short amount of time. Sure, any gun can kill lots of people, but a bolt-action rifle doesn't lend itself well to spree killings. Ammunition, too must be looked at. Why do ordinary people need hollow tips? Anyway, perhaps the most effective change would be further limiting licensing of firearms. I'm probably wrong, but I get the impression that any gun-toting Tom, Dick or Harry can buy one from his local store... ...or get one free when opening a new bank account.
  23. I'd still put the prem in first place in terms of entertaining football (look at the weekend just gone), but I think there is too much "best league in the world" talk. It may or may not be true, but it just sounds arrogant. The Championship is without doubt the best/most entertaining second tier league in the world. I think the Bundesliga just seems completely random, in terms of results. Apart from Bayern, you can never really pick a winner like you can a lot of the time in the premier league. Shalke can beat Wolfsburg 4-0 one week, yet lose to Augsburg 2-0 the next. There never seems to be consistency, or observable "form", from most of the teams.
  24. I agree with a lot of that, Mike. But, as you pointed out, there are separist movements even within countries - Scotland in the UK, Catalonia in Spain, Tibet in China ect. So natural progression can go both ways, people don't always want to be part of a larger alliance/organisation, or rather at least not at the expense of self governance and representation. I guess that's the modern "empire" aspect of the EU, individual nations within have increasingly less self governance, with the will of entire nations being overruled ie Greece for the financial bailout, Hungary/Croatia for the refugee crisis. In many ways Angela Merkel could be seen as a kind of modern Emperor, in my opinion. The balance needs to be right, naturally people will look to be part of the bigger picture, for security and financial reasons, but the desire for people to self govern, have representation, and share a similar cultural and political identity needs to remain at the same time.
  25. Maybe not by the strictest definition, but I'd suggest it's a modern form of "Empire". Also, I wasn't necessarily offering an opinion, it was more of an observation.
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