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  1. Conversely, isn't Greenland the only country to have actually left the "EU" (EEC)?
  2. It's been 3 days. There is bound to be an initial reaction from the markets and business, just as there would have been if Scotland had voted to leave the UK in 2014 (for example), it's inevitable when such a change occurs and uncertainty reigns. However, can anyone, with any real degree of confidence, say what will happen 6 months, a year or 5 years from now? In my opinion, we can only truly asses the real, long term consequences within the passage of time.
  3. I assume it would just be for Scotland, so it might upset the 38% of the electorate that voted to leave there. If it is for the UK as a whole, then that would constitute Scotland keeping England in the EU against it's will, they very same argument used by the SNP in regards to England voting to drag Scotland out against it's will. Anyway, does the Scottish government even have that power?
  4. Kent, I must point out that I meant that from a mostly "neutral" position, rather than suggesting only one "side" was guilty of such.
  5. A lot of talk and predictions of strife, rack and ruin in here, almost as if some people want to see it actually happen as some peverse form of vindication.
  6. And leaving the EU automatically assumes that a future UK/England will not cooperate and trade with a future iScotland and/or European Union? That the UK won't be involved in worldwide humanitarian efforts and peace keeping? That we will just float off into the Atlantic and close ourselves off to the world ala North Korea? A leave vote is a vote for change, and all the challenges and opportunities that entails. Almost all of which will become more apparent within time. At the end of the day, both the Scottish independence ref and the UK EU ref was about people exercising their democratic right to vote. How can one be construed to be more "legit" than the other? And whilst England voted "leave" (on the whole), it's perhaps worth noting over a million people in Scotland did too. It's not a simple England/Scotland divide. There is a divide in opinion in your own country, not just in mine. Granted, not to the same extent.
  7. Hold on, during the Scottish Indy Ref we were told it was all about Scotland choosing it's destiny, nothing to do with spite against England etc. Fast forward two years to the UK EU referendum, people in England decide to choose their own destiny by leaving the EU (rightly or wrongly, it still remains to be seen) and that equates to England "Sticking two fingers up at Scotland". Really? Is that not somewhat hypocritical? Anyway, Scottish Indy from the UK looks a certainty now, and I wish it the best, it's a wonderful country and deserves it. Likewise, I hope the rest of the UK can prosper. By the way, on the off chance you were wondering, I was "remain", and my town (In England, no less) voted to remain, just like Scotland.
  8. And Stockport. Everyone forgets Stockport...
  9. "Doughnuts, is there anything they can't do?" Perhaps that can become the UK's main export: Snake Oil.
  10. Your last question is interesting, it's something I've pondered myself. Maybe it has taken such a major event like this to highlight the state the country is truly in, financially, socially, politically etc. For me, how we react is crucial. Do we learn from this, do we embrace difficult discussion, do we look at the facts and listen to people from all four corners, and across the whole demographic spectrum, and do we take everything into account and try to make our new future as fair and prosperous for all? Or...do we cry foul play, point the finger, shut down debate, pit people against other people? Will we learn from this "mistake"? If we are willing we can, and we can turn it into great opportunity.
  11. Anyway, given that Wales and England have decided to leave Europe, does that mean I should be lumping some money on a Northern Ireland/Iceland double on the football over the weekend?
  12. SS, could you conceive of that as a possibility. A "Devo max max" Scotland remaining a part of the UK and the EU, but with England/Wales outside the EU? Sounds highly unlikely, but who knows where this is going to end up?
  13. Agreed. Now isn't the time to be divisive, we should be looking to address the deep divisions in the country that have lead to this result.
  14. Turns out Stockport voted Remain. Mixed feelings right now, curious as to the long term future of the UK and Europe, but the overriding emotion is apprehension for the short/medium term. I can't possibly celebrate a Leave vote, given the huge uncertainty ahead and the profound potential consequences. I hope the negotiations are conducted in an appropriate manner, for the best for all involved, rather than any silly games of spite.
  15. Hold on, Lagan Valley vote Leave?
  16. Yeah, in favour of a leave or remain vote, this isn't good for anyone in this country.
  17. Wow, Bookies are suddenly very stingy for "Leave"
  18. I wonder if the Geordies would have voted a majority leave if they didn't want to keep Rafa Benitez?
  19. As it stands, Remain is still solidly odds-on at 1/5, best price.
  20. That's what irks people, the fact some big wig just sits there outright dismissing the people that pay his salary as if they are irrelevant. Either way, leave or remain, change needs to happen.
  21. It's confirmed, Brexit didn't win...the 6:10 Horse race at Newbury.
  22. March Blizzard

    Euro 2016

    So after two really good games earlier, we've now reverted back to the usual Euro 2016 style of slow, predictable, boring and turgid football.
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