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  1. The first half of that March was bitterly cold, I think the CET was comfortably below zero until around the 15th, when the thaw arrived. I think I'm right in saying that it was quite an abrupt shift, with it turning from very cold to very mild within a few days or so, so that severe first half is somewhat lost in an unspectacular looking overall final CET for the month.
  2. Early January 2010, if I remember right. Woodford not far from me recorded -17.6C and I think exactly -17.0C the following night. I remember actually being disappointed in that; I wanted -20C! Was amazing to experience, the steam coming out of vents and manhole covers, the sound carrying for miles, and the sharp sting on the tip of my ears, all with about a foot of snow on the ground. Surreal, really, and that spell was more severe here than anything during December of the same year.
  3. Definitely noticable how much lower the sun is in the sky, and how the intensity is waning. Even direct sunlight, during a warm spell, just doesn't have the same bite as it did only a month ago, let alone June/July. The sun now is around the same as it is in late March. http://windowseat.ca/sun/
  4. Biblical stuff in Stockport for the last hour and a half. Streets flooded. Don't even need lights on in my house, the constant lightning is enough!
  5. If I have to take a late penalty, I guess I'll go for broke with 16.2C...
  6. And leaving the EU automatically assumes that a future UK/England will not cooperate and trade with a future iScotland and/or European Union? That the UK won't be involved in worldwide humanitarian efforts and peace keeping? That we will just float off into the Atlantic and close ourselves off to the world ala North Korea? A leave vote is a vote for change, and all the challenges and opportunities that entails. Almost all of which will become more apparent within time. At the end of the day, both the Scottish independence ref and the UK EU ref was about people exercising their democratic right to vote. How can one be construed to be more "legit" than the other? And whilst England voted "leave" (on the whole), it's perhaps worth noting over a million people in Scotland did too. It's not a simple England/Scotland divide. There is a divide in opinion in your own country, not just in mine. Granted, not to the same extent.
  7. Hold on, during the Scottish Indy Ref we were told it was all about Scotland choosing it's destiny, nothing to do with spite against England etc. Fast forward two years to the UK EU referendum, people in England decide to choose their own destiny by leaving the EU (rightly or wrongly, it still remains to be seen) and that equates to England "Sticking two fingers up at Scotland". Really? Is that not somewhat hypocritical? Anyway, Scottish Indy from the UK looks a certainty now, and I wish it the best, it's a wonderful country and deserves it. Likewise, I hope the rest of the UK can prosper. By the way, on the off chance you were wondering, I was "remain", and my town (In England, no less) voted to remain, just like Scotland.
  8. I was in California and Nevada in April, and daytime temperatures typically reached 25/26C. However, due to the very low humidity in the arid/desert climate, it was far more pleasant than what we have had here recently, in similar daytime temperatures. Its been a bit unusual that the NW of England has probably been the warmest place in the country so far in June, and the heat has built up over days, with little cooling at night. Indoor temperatures are as warm as I can remember them being in a long time. I pretty much never have trouble sleeping, yet a few nights ago the heat got to me and I was still awake at 4am. That's unusual, for me. I guess in the NW we are used to short lived warm spells, punctuated with cooler ones, yet it's been very warm for a solid week now. I work outdoors in a physical job, and whilst I wouldn't say it's been too uncomfortable or unbearable recently, it really does take it out of me afterwards. I feel drained after work when the weather is as warm as this.
  9. Yeah, it's pathetic. I play football and wouldn't dream of diving or feigning injury. I'd be embarrassed to. It might not be "new" to the game, but it has slowly become more prevelent and, for some reason, more accepted as "part of the game".
  10. Agreed. I thought Martial was very poor in particular, couldn't hold anything up and struggled to even control the ball at times. Very little quality and urgency from the whole team, really. Reminded me of that Fulham game when Moysey was in charge, long balls hoofed up top constantly despite the defence comfortably dealing with it every time. Very disappointing given recent results. Should have done better, despite having 10 men. Anyway, just watched Portland vs Columbus in the MLS. How refreshing. Was like watching the 90's premier league. Constant attacks, goals, no diving or fake injuries or time wasting. Great to watch.
  11. Yeah. A poor West Brom beat an even worse United. There was what, 3 shots on target in the whole game? Horrible game, but not nearly as bad as the Betis v Granada game this morning. Utterly appalling game of "football", with 14 cards shown. Fourteen.
  12. I'm actually not surprised by the loss, no team can throw away a winning position like Everton can; they've mastered it.
  13. I wouldn't like to see it introduced, personally. The goal line technology currently used is completely unobtrusive to the game, with the ref knowing within seconds if the ball crosses the line or not. It works, it's black and white (it's either a goal or not) and it eliminates human perception from the process of awarding the most crucial factor of football (a goal being scored). When would you use a video ref anyway? For every shirt tug, dodgy tackle, theatrical dive, potential offside or deflected shot? If yes then it would intrude on the flow of the game too much, in my opinion. Rugby can keep it.
  14. I did say United winning the league was highly unlikely! The difference is that United have a winning mentality and a winning pedigree as a club, whereas the likes of Arsenal are a bit fair weather and prone to bottling it when the going gets tough. That sort of thing can't really be measured, but it's a factor that can't be ignored, in my opinion. Also, United are still to play City, Leicester and Tottenham, so could have a big say on who wins the league. A win tomorrow and United are 10 points off the top with 9 games to play. A very ambitious deficit to overcome, but not impossible, and given how this season has gone, I wouldn't be surprised if they go near. If United keep winning, and there's a few slip ups above, then the pressure starts to build.
  15. And level on points with City, remember, the team that had "already won the league" back in September! Can you imagine if United win the league?! Although it's looking highly unlikely, a lot of the teams currently at/near the top aren't exactly known for handling pressure. United are used to it, they've been there many times before...a good run of results and it might get a bit interesting.
  16. The whole of Stockport is at gridlock...

  17. I'll have to agree with that. There's not many roads I haven't walked down at some point in Stockport and South Manchester, and I've felt more on edge in some of the predominately white estates in Stockport than the likes of Longsight or Rushholme. I wouldn't recommend trying to deliver giros on a Saturday morning in Brinnington.... ...although it's all done online these days!
  18. To be fair PSV got it spot on, from their perspective. United lacked urgency and quality. Too rigid.
  19. Yeah, in many respects you need to experience one to appreciate the other.
  20. I'm sure there was more winners one time last year? Like today, they were all obvious results and common scores.
  21. I was 3 goals off £250,000... 3X correct score and 2X correct result. Had Brighton to win 2-0 so I was out of the jackpot early on, still annoying nonetheless. I also went 1-1 in the Swansea game!
  22. True. I've always found that link (dark preference = antisocial) tenuous. How does the dark prevent someone socialising/being social?
  23. Yeah, I've got Kiruna on my Iphone weather app thing, and I've noticed how mild it's been for at least the last month; in November it should be around -7C by day and -13C at night, it's currently still above freezing by day and only getting to -3C or so overnight - considerably warmer than even the October averages.
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