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  1. 32 minutes ago, Snowyowl9 said:

    Grenfell Tower This is what Austerity Looks Like.

    The Abandonment of a Community.

    Instead, we got endless hours, days of BBC hand-wringing, focusing almost exclusively on the (heroic) efforts of a devastated community, ignored and forgotten by their council and the government, with those damn cameras peering into peoples' grief and ultimately, anger, made all the worse by the state's total indifference to this calamity.


    Fears of a Grenfell Tower cover-up as Labour MP who lost artist friend urges police to carry out raids to stop firms and councils from destroying evidence.



    Probably goes some way to explaining the inaction of the local council since the incident; too busy feeding the paper shredders and tying up loose ends.

  2. 1 minute ago, Ravelin said:


    Do we even know yet whether H&S guidelines weren't followed? It's entirely possible that they were and that it's the guidelines are inadequate. 

    Exactly. Hopefully, all will be revealed, we will just have to wait.

    All I know is that I'm not a fire safety expert nor a builder, so on that front I'm keeping my clueless mouth shut. I'm hesitant to pipe up with an opinion on a subject I admittedly know little about.

    I'll leave that to the people that do.

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  3. Just now, Ed Stone said:

    I, for one, am not looking forward to post-Brexit Britain, one little bit...If the whining turd that is Rees-Mogg is anything to go by, toy soldiers coated with lead-based paint might make a return to our shopping malls...

    All other considerations will be secondary to profit!:angry:

    To be fair, there were a lot of "could" in that article, as suggested (operative word) by a single man. 

    Post-Brexit building regs and general H&S policy aside, that's another argument. In the here-and-now we need to establish the facts, understand what happened, how it happened, why it happened and how we can learn from it going forward.

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  4. Surely the best course of action is for the authorities and emergency services to firstly help those impacted, establish the facts and then publish their findings/conclusions, in as timely a manner as possible.

    I get the anger, honestly, but it's never good to allow raw emotion to dictate actions. 


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  5. Strange day, no frost on my car this morning despite being comfortably below freezing, a very February-esque "dry cold" feel, with laden grey skies and a raw wind. Out of the wind, it felt strangely comfortable given the actual temperature, but it was bitter in it. Reminded me more of Feb 2013 than December 2010, here at least.

  6. 2 minutes ago, I remember Atlantic 252 said:

    Northern members though with elevation, though different story, If I lived there, then bring it on!

    I can do well here from NW winds, in fact some of my biggest falls of snow have come from the NW, polar maritime flows. Early November, though, would probably just bring rain and feel raw. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, I remember Atlantic 252 said:

    Too early for cold/snow yet for low southern areas, not sure of date when decent snow becomes possible for south low levels, but reckon around 15th Nov, but late Nov really for deep cold

    gonna suck from 1st Nov (south) dismal 6° max temps, rain likely at times, dull and damp! who wants that, I would like Indian Summer

    Agreed. All this talk and excitement of a cold spell in...early November. Like you said, I'd prefer it to wait for another two weeks and arrive mid month, but that's just me being picky. Ultimately, the weather will do what it wants and if we can get a few flakes and frosts out of it it will be better than nothing. 

    My preferred window for proper cold is mid November to Mid March, as it can be severe at any time during that four-month period. Yes, it can get cold and snowy outside of that, but it's normally a bit half hearted, bar exceptional stuff like March 2013, which was colder in the second half. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, I remember Atlantic 252 said:

    As I'm not interested in the slightest in cold in 0ct, lat's hope the low can stall a bit like this, flooding warm air up from the south or possible Indian summer! half term Tuesday, could a trend develop? maybe 20° plus for holiday week


    Me neither, "cold" in October hardly ever translates to snow, more likely 9C and raining. No thanks. 

    I love sunshine at this time of year, with the leaves turning, the growing shadows and the gentle warmth. Perfect. 

    The cold can wait until all the trees are completely bare.

  9. Truth be told, as long as it's reasonably dry I don't really care anymore. I do not want a repeat of last winter - that was horrific. 

    My preference would be for lots of cold, crisp days and starry, bitterly cold nights. Plenty of sunshine. Wouldn't mind the odd storm here or there, but would prefer nothing overly mild.

    A few decent snow events would be nice, I seem to get at least one here every winter, although I had to wait until March 4th for the first (and only) good fall of snow this year, with around 4 inches accumulating over the course of about 6 hours of continuous snowfall. It was even sub-zero at midday, but not an ice day.

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  10. I don't get how another 47/63 style winter would spell doom for UK infrastructure when it's probably only on a par with, say, an average Polish winter, for example. 

    Granted, we don't get winters like they do and so aren't as well prepared for the disruption it would cause, but after the initial disruptive few weeks, things would just go back to near-normal and we'd just get on with it through the rest of the winter. 

    Its not as if 63 was on a par with the Canadian Arctic, with temperatures not rising above -40C for 5 months, is it?

    That would be a game changer for the UK...

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