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  1. Well that stopped as quick as it started lol!!, gone VERY dark now though, going to have to switch the living room lamps on now
  2. Last strike 2.7 miles away, again no thunder heard but the heavens have literally just opened as I started typing this. Hopefully this is game on!!
  3. A strike showing about 4.5 miles to my East a few minutes ago, but heard no thunder and no strikes since
  4. I'm watching the weather bug app on my phone and it really has got going now, its showing 26.7 miles away from me. Hope it moves slightly more in a NNW direction and doesn't fizzle out before it gets here cos we should be in for a good storm. Time to drug the dog I think.....just in case!!
  5. Thank you so much TM for explaining it to me. I felt really stupid for asking, but I know you guys would help me out so thank you again
  6. Hi guys, I've got a question that is probably going to make me sound like I'm completely bonkers (I admit I'm a bit bonkers, but not completely.....yet!! ). I left home at around 6.30pm yesterday evening, started the car to defrost it as it was completely iced up and the car thermometer was showing -4C. As I set off on my journey the temp dropped to -6C, it was a completely clear sky, moon bright, stars out, a typical cold frosty night. I arrived at my destination around 7.15pm and the car was still showing -6C. A couple of times during the evening I popped outside the venue for a cigarette an
  7. So what a snow day, I know it was forecast, but I often find the tv forecasts a tad overdramatic at times, but WOW, this one wasn't!!
  8. Slowed down alot now, but still coming down none the less. Here are some pics from 10.30am. In the last one spot the yellow snow.....a bit like wheres Wally. Dogs were having none of it
  9. These are my 6am piccies, and just as I was thinking about getting my head down for a couple of hours my street light came on so its a case of do I don't I??
  10. Taken at 5am. Birds singing like its broad daylight out there, most odd!!
  11. Right I took a piccie outside my front door at 4am......Its taken me a bl00dy hour to work out how to reduce the file size to put it on here So I hope it works!! This one was taken at 4am, so an hour after it started snowing here. So from zero to this in an hour
  12. Felt like that here first of all Ian, very very fine and very light, I couldn't tell if it was rain or snow so had to shove the one dog outside to see what colour she was when she came back in..........cruel Mummy I know lol!! The brown in her fur confirmed it was light snow lol.
  13. I was about to say it literally should be on your doorstep now Ian!! It is white over here now, let the one dog out 10-15 minutes ago and her footprints are completely covered!! I love snow piccies Polar Low, but stay safe and take a flask!! (The flask bit is the mother in me lol)
  14. Well I've got everything crossed. I'm so tempted to stay up all night to see how it progresses, but I don't have an outside light to actually watch the snow falling, the council put pay to me street lamp watching so may go to bed and hopefully wake up to a good old dumping in the morning and find it still chucking it down!!
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