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  1. Snow flurries continuing and adding to lying snow, off beat roads that have not been gritted only passable with 4 wheel drive and/or winter tyres. Ref comment earlier on the thread about winter tyres, they are not just for snow, but also are excellent in wet condions especially when temps are lower. Granted you are at the mercy of other cars on the road when snowing but it means you can take detours off the gritted roads and most importantly, your braking and control are far more controlled with winter tyres. There numerous articals about the grip on summer tyres dramatically reducing in
  2. Hi all, Brinscall - wet snow, has been going for about an hour and is starting to settle except for roads, a lot of surface water from earlier rain, if this lot freezes tonight, roads will be very tricky.
  3. With x3 kids I would suggest iPads or DVD machines, last thing you will want is the age old 'are we there yet' continuously sounding off.
  4. Now thats one hell of a drive, no more ferries to Norway or Denmark, furthest North is Hull to Rotterdam. A couple of years ago I drove up to Esbjerg, Denmark and had to do it in 2 goes - Eurotunnel then stoped in Nijmagen over night and then up to Denmark - was in my R32 so had fun on some of the roads.......but pulling a caravan - thats extreme.
  5. ..hmm could this be more on the lines of 'eye candy' but for different reasons than the weather?.......
  6. As I have posted on the MOAN thread - I'm struggling to keep up with the models/trends and keep a positive frame of mind for this winter - i can't remember a winter where the models have been so unpredictable. Not sure if any of the 'it will, it won't, BOOM posts that have been posted in the MOD thread has contributed to the overall expectations but on the whole it has been quite a depressing experience. I know that on reflection we have had a better winter than last year and there has been relief for those who had a terrible time last year with the floods but, for some reason I think tha
  7. Im normally a positive positive 'glass half full' person but have to admit that the trends and forecasts have been so numerous with 'no shows' that I am finding it very difficult to stay positive. Yesterday we had 95% chance of snow shown on the 7/10 forecast (Netweather) in addition to the experienced posters in the MOD thread ....... but alas it was another 'no show'. I don't think I can remember such a winter as we have seen in regards to 'flip-flop' of the models etc. Yes it has been good to have a dry winter and that those poor soles last year getting flooded out but I think i would o
  8. @Delka - had a similar forecast for us in West Sussex (showed 95% chance of snow), how ever nothing happened, certainly not as per the Netweather forecast as you have shown. Unfortunately I think the Netweather 7/10 forecast should be taken with a LARGE pinch of salt. Hope that I am wrong for your area but just a friendly heads up - good luck
  9. From the Met Office: Feb 6, 2017 4:01 PM Following a spell of wet and blustery weather, colder conditions are expected to move in from the east later this week with some snow showers developing mainly on the eastern side of the UK. In the wake of a series of low pressure systems that brought strong winds and periods of heavy rain at the end of last week, high pressure is building over Scandinavia, which will act to fend off further low pressure systems from the Atlantic. Before the high pressure takes control, the front currently over the UK will work its way eastward befor
  10. I'm wondering if there is a misunderstanding with peoples interpretation as people are living in different parts of the UK and when some posters say snow, cold etc. the prediction of cold/very cold assessment might be relative to their respective area. Readers may think that a post is in relation to the whole of the UK or their own area, of corse nor withstanding that all are predictions or theories based on trends/experience. I think it fair to say that this site is a source for discussions and not as a fact of what will happen- there is no computer and/or person that can give a 100% f
  11. From the Met Office: Regional forecast for London & South East England Cold and cloudy overnight. Remaining very cold Thursday. This Evening and Tonight: Cold and cloudy at first, with a widespread frost. Mostly dry. although the odd spot of drizzle, or perhaps some very slight snow is possible, bringing a risk of localised icy patches. Turning breezy, with some clearer spells by dawn. Minimum Temperature -3 °C. Thursday: Early cloud should break through the morning with spells of sunshine developing. Despite the sunshine, it will feel bitterly cold in a brisk
  12. Just dropped my son down in Chichester, fog patches along the way, roads were damp but noted that the gritters had been out and also when we got back to Crawley we came across more council gritting trucks so looks like some are expecting ice tonight. Temps (according to car temp display) showing +1.5deg, which was the average all the way down and back......
  13. The following seems to be he mean cause and effects: So far the forum has been overly excited at cold trends that are in some cases +7 days/FI. As time gets closer there has been a Trait of changes to watered down and/or no cold scenarios. Despite detailed posts from the experienced posters some choose to only focus on the key word not the 'may', 'could', 'might' and/or 'more runs needed'. End result - teddies arms and legs booming through the sound barrier as they are ejected by the die hard snow warriors. There for we should adapt a bespoke Murphys Law as follow
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