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  1. Mine has gone again, my Dad is coming down with a bigger ladder as the block is clearly further up what a pain!
  2. A combination of warm water from a watering can and then a second go with a hair dryer, I had to climb a ladder, which in this weather wasn't a particularly great thing to have to do! I'm keeping a close eye on it though, I'm not 100% confident the block is gone.
  3. So did we. Boiler in the loft meant a somewhat tricky job to defrost the condensate pipe. Heating has now been on successfully for 2 hours, I just hope the bloody thing doesn't stop again!
  4. M25 at junction 5 doesn't look good.
  5. Beautiful snow here in Godstone, big fluffy flakes!
  6. Epic! Congrats really happy to see some getting loads of snow! In-laws in Crowborough have sent us some pics as well, they have loads. Here in Godstone I reckon a couple of cm, everything looks pretty but not really enough to take the kids sledging. I'm pinning my hopes on the end of the week. So far this has been a pretty good week for the SE, especially when compared to previous years.
  7. About 1cm here in Godstone. Sun now out. Excited about what may come later though! Spoke with my folks in Tatsfield and they have substantially more, its always a sweet spot for snow!
  8. I’m sitting outside having a fire, something so thearputic about being outside in the cold warmed by a fire!!
  9. My Folks still live down Paynesfield Road Thats where I lived for the 1st 24 years of my life. The wife and I are actually looking at moving back, the snow being one big part of the attraction for me, oh and baby sitters nearby
  10. Living at the base of the North Downs I'm hoping for a brutal snow day so I can go out and 'Hike' up to the top. My folks live in Tatsfield so I can stop in there for a warm up before heading out again.
  11. We've got our delivery coming Saturday evening. I think the wife thought I was mad, the she saw the warnings this morning
  12. Looks like we're about to be eaten! What a chart!
  13. Tatsfield is the place to be, I lived there for 25 years and it never failed to amaze me how much more snow we got that the surrounding area. They even have a nice restaurant / B&B (The Bakery) where you can stay
  14. 4 sets of ENS, look at all the volatility, no one can be sure at this point! 18Z Last Night... 0Z this morning... 6Z... And finally the 12Z