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    My name is Luke - I am into weather - I am also into aircraft spotting - going to the airport and scanners and radio equipment. I also like swimming and seeing my friends - I am always happy to get to know new people.
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    Warm and humid with some thunderstorms plus some snow too.
  1. What puzzles me is that in some winters you can get cold conditions in both Europe and North America (e.g. December 2010) which was under negative NAO conditions but at present we have cold conditions over North America and zonal conditions over Europe and some have said that our current stormy and wet conditions are a result of the temperature contrasts over North America sending the jet stream in our direction - wouldn't you think if that was the case, you would expect stormy and wet rather than cold or snow conditions in Europe in December 2010 too? So why in some winters does North America
  2. Interesting views - yes I understand the existence of life elsewhere is purely speculative as we only have one sample of life to work with which is that on Earth. But I find it difficult to believe that we are the only technological civilisation in the Universe - even if life or intelligent life was very rare it is just by a matter of statistics alone that life should occur elsewhere and probably technological intelligence. Even the Rare Earth hypothesis suggests that it is only advanced multicellular life that is rare and single celled simple life (e.g. microorganisms) could be quite common
  3. Hi, I am curious about the possibility of advanced technological life elsewhere in our Galaxy/Universe. I would like to think we are not alone as far as technological intelligence is concerned but there are different schools of thought ranging from the fact that technological intelligences should be common based on the shear numbers (e.g. ~200 billion starts within the Milky Way Galaxy and billions of galaxies in the universe meaning that life supporting planets should be common) to the Rare Earth hypothesis which states that the occurrence of complex or intelligent life is very rare due to
  4. I think that the stratospheric warming will deliver for us this time but I hope I haven't jinxed it by saying that considering how unlucky the winter has been so far (I thought it was ridiculous how the model output went from "charts on a part with December 2010" to "the worst output for cold in the Internet era".

  5. Becoming very clear there is zero prospect of snow for most out until the 2nd week of Jan at the earliest. I honestly thought this winter would be much better than last year but low and behold still waiting for the 1st flake here,and none on the horizon. fed upsville. It's funny because even I in Liverpool saw some lying snow last December which was milder than this month - and this month I have not seen a single flake of snow falling at all - and that is not just the case in Liverpool but also in parts of the country who see snow more frequently than we do - even Scotland have not seen muc
  6. It really annoys me that some still seem to buy the Moderrn Winter theory after the likes of months like December 2010 - which was the coldest december in 100 years when we had a colder december than that few of us were around now! Probably no one on this forum LOL!

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    2. Harve


      The climate has always changed and always will do, however the speed at which it is now changing on a global level is what is alarming. This may or may not mean colder winters in the UK.

    3. MP-R


      Having watched 'Is Britain's Weather Getting Worse?' (to which I'm sure many already know the answer), I for one would not mind a Scandinavian climate at all!

    4. cerneman


      Climate change i think is happening,Just think we will see more extremes in weather, Which includes more extreme cold at times, re dec 2010,

  7. Happy Christmas to you all - hope you all have a good time!

  8. What really annoys me is that fact that some posters both on this form and over on the TWO forum seem to be determined not to just write off the rest of December for cold, but the entire of January too - and going as far to say that will be mild and zonal and even confidently predicting more flooding - how can they be so sure of this yes some long range models are buying into the zonal solution but if those long range models where showing cold I am sure the same posters would be say "exercise caution" or "its FI, it's not going to happen - generally the near term models are accurate up to abou
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