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  1. Winter maybe, but March is often prime time for Scandi Heights. March is more of a winter month than December imo, in terms of getting snow and cold uppers to the southern UK. But if that’s winter done, I’m pretty satisfied ️
  2. What a night and day! Well worth the winter wait!! who’d have thought an Atlantic low would bring all of this right down to the south coast! As rare as rocking horse droppings!!
  3. Radar says no ppn left for me, but it’s still tipping it down? WTF... some strange goings on tonight with said radars
  4. Have to resort to Door bell cam what an investment that was! Only arrived yesterday lol although very sheltered by the door
  5. Just when it looked like the snow was over here, the ppn just built over my head! Amazing to watch on Radar. Still snowing nicely now. TOP BANANA ! ️️️
  6. My Met Office App has me down for Heavy snow until midnight..... Looking at the Radar I am not convinced..... someone reassure me please
  7. check out Rick Steins Webcam at sandbanks!! sideways snow LOL https://www.rickstein.com/sandbanks-webcam/
  8. yeah a nice blob to my south just went missing lol, what's going on! PS Really going for it here now, nice blanket everywhere. Some pretty excited children
  9. I was actually thinking earlier I hope MWB does well out of this, March was a bit of a let down for you from memory. hope you do well
  10. ok I was sceptical about being able to smell snow..... but I've just been outside, heavy snow and i smell something odd. smells like someone just lit a herbal cigarette next door? perhaps the wind is sourced from the Dam...
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