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  1. Oh I’m up, woke at 6..... I’m lost for actual words!!! Amazing @festivalking might be pursuaded to get on board this morning
  2. What’s refreshing(apart from the wind ) is we are getting closer to landing the cold and the charts just keep giving!!! When does that happen! will have to put woolies on your teeth if this verified
  3. Same lol swear some people are on Acid in there 🤪
  4. GFS 18z be like “you don’t actually expect me to be able to resolve this SSW stuff do ya”
  5. It’s further south. Not north. But it doesn’t matter. Until all models agree it’s not even worth getting hung up about, not that I would anyway. Few very cold days and nights before the snow arrives is fine by me
  6. Yup! For us it’s perfect either way, we either get raging easterly with snow showers heading west, or France goes bonkers cold so when we get a southerly wind, the uppers won’t wash out!!! I’m happy
  7. I’m not sure I’ve got the patience to watch the knee jerking that’s about to roll out of the keyboard warriors in the Mad thread. INTER RUN VARIATIONS CONTINUE!!! It’s not a surprise, how many more times
  8. Not quite sure how the ICON puts the breaks on at +93 hrs, that’s a bit of a puzzler. But it’s still very good!
  9. -12 uppers poking east anglia on Sunday afternoon. Way faster and better angle of attack compared to the 12z.
  10. This really has been the longest week ever!! And it’s only Wednesday 🧐😫😫 Prospect of mouth watering models for cold to start Sunday and a certain cup final I’m off to on Sunday is not the ideal combination for a fast week! im like a kid at Christmas atm, this week is dragggggiiiiiinggg!
  11. Not knocking him though, each to their own, he seems a nice person as well, had a couple of PM’s with him. (For decoding)
  12. Gonna have to pass on that one to be honest. You could argue they’ve all done pretty poorly until they finally smelt the SSW coffee. I’d imagine the ECM has a better handle on it because it has more vertical levels (137) than any of the rest! So should be more accurate. Doesn’t always work like that in theory though.
  13. Probably best not to read Tight isobars posts then lol. I genuinely have no idea what he says sometimes, until I’ve read it a few times. Got some words he has!! He could probably crack the Da Vinci Code in minutes lol
  14. ECM mean looks a good match at 120 to the OP Same can be said at 144
  15. Lol I see some bans were dished out 😬 who’s gone, I’m curious..... ECM saved almost certain Netweather Blanket bans.... phew! message the same really, going to turn cold, no question about it, detail really is very uncertain. ECM is great but UKMO/GFS/ECM are quite different heading into next week apart from it’s going to be very cold, that’s currently all they agree on. Tomorrow will hopefully bring a bit more clarity, but I’d imagine that might be a bit soon! This 2nd warming has brought a bit of chaos back to the Models. Shame as we were heading toward agreement before that point. But we might be greatful as the week progresses!!
  16. That ECM is basically snow porn for us!! Wow. Missed most of the 12z traveling home, sure the Mad thread has been entertaining, off I go to look 🤣
  17. GFS Could end up being the pick of the bunch here! UKMO fair bit south at 120
  18. Looks on schedule to me TI? Might even be a bit quicker than it's 06z, marginally!
  19. ICON has the -8 line hitting the east coast of BI around midnight on Sunday less than 24 hours later the proper cold has arrived!! With more waiting in the wings!!
  20. ICON steady as she goes!!! Heights have linked! Cold air heading West!