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  1. Flat as a pancake More up and downs than the Jet stream at present! Shaky.... Relax you will pull a muscle
  2. yup I agree. Actually the UKMO & ECM are not that dissimilar at +144 and by D8 on the ECM you wouldn't kick that out of bed would you?
  3. Just checking....What are we determining as reliable time frame? D6? Almost a week away? Asking for a friend

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    2. lassie23


      the sack race begins

    3. karlos1983


      I think Poch is too classy to move across that divide. I'd definitely take him but I think his principles would stop him.

    4. lassie23


      if he goes to united then he has no principles lol

  5. I think the term "proper Eastetly" is pushing the envelope somewhat! Proper Easterly 00z ICON 26/11/2019
  6. 06z GEFS look good, pretty much all of them go for a Major warming event at 10hpa, the Op probaly the worst of the lot and a slight step back from the 00z. Op/Mean/00z Op onto the 12z we go, afterall the 06z GFS is only worthy of the Bin
  7. got down to -2.1c, was a stunning frost this morning, white everywhere. could be the last we see for a while
  8. But it's not often we see a SSW in December is it, as we enter winter proper? along with entering Solar minimum and a QBO in a W to E phase.. I think what's key is that each SSW is different. Fascinating viewing!
  9. Or your 2nd name is Gordon..... The heights to our North east are extremely encouraging on the pub run...
  10. Oh boy! shaky I fear for you this winter if you are disecting each run, full credit to you if you can keep that level of enthusiasm up for the next 4-5 months! That said, the GFS 06z although not nearly as good in deep la la land as it's 00z (hardly surprise of the century) is not a bad match at D8. Not Sure what the ECM was smoking..... or was it? Hope eveyone is keeping well?
  11. Awwww thanks DB, I know you must have missed me through the tough summer months. just thought I’d log in and say “ello”... found myself a new app recently called rain alarm..... I’ve jumped out my skin on several occasions Today as it warned me a shower was nearby, with its dramatic clap of thunder on full blast
  12. Jumper on, jumper off, don’t you just love autumn Hope everyone had a pleasant summer.
  13. Winter maybe, but March is often prime time for Scandi Heights. March is more of a winter month than December imo, in terms of getting snow and cold uppers to the southern UK. But if that’s winter done, I’m pretty satisfied ️
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