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  1. Hi Dorset, My Nematodes arrived on Friday and they are in the fridge. I also plan to do it this week, as you say the weather looks good with nights not dropping below 7 or 8C. seems the best time to apply is in the evening from what I’ve been reading? Good luck with yours, I hope you manage to salvage your lawn.
  2. Hi everyone I hope you’re all keeping safe and are in good health? I’m after some help. I’ve got an infestation of leather jackets in my 1 year old Lawn ??? I’ve ordered and received parasites that will hunt them down and kill them, but I can’t apply it until soil temperature is at least 10c. Has anyone got an accurate reading for my general geographical location? thanks Karlos
  3. Hmmm, most snow events happen in late Feb/March aided by a weakened PV, that’s not looking likely anytime soon. It’s highly probable this year’s breakdown will be a late one given the strength of that beastly PV! northwesterly colder than normal airflow seems our only straws to clutch on this winter. Don’t worry though, next winter ?? ️
  4. Oh well, that’ll teach me for digging the sledge ? out in November. I take full responsibility ?
  5. No, this is probably the quietest I’ve ever been on this forum, because from every angle this winter looked doomed until at least Jan & that’s progressed through January now.... so you can bet your bottom dollar, just as we want spring...... it’ll snow ?
  6. This crops up every year and tickles me pink! i live so far south, that I can almost dip my toes in the sea from my garden. march 2018, from memory 18th/19th so hardly early March either.. snow can stick in March ?
  7. Flat as a pancake ? More up and downs than the Jet stream at present! Shaky.... Relax you will pull a muscle ?
  8. yup I agree. Actually the UKMO & ECM are not that dissimilar at +144 and by D8 on the ECM you wouldn't kick that out of bed would you?
  9. Just checking....What are we determining as reliable time frame? D6? Almost a week away? Asking for a friend

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    2. lassie23


      the sack race begins

    3. karlos1983


      I think Poch is too classy to move across that divide. I'd definitely take him but I think his principles would stop him.

    4. lassie23


      if he goes to united then he has no principles lol

  11. I think the term "proper Eastetly" is pushing the envelope somewhat! Proper Easterly 00z ICON 26/11/2019
  12. 06z GEFS look good, pretty much all of them go for a Major warming event at 10hpa, the Op probaly the worst of the lot and a slight step back from the 00z. Op/Mean/00z Op onto the 12z we go, afterall the 06z GFS is only worthy of the Bin ??
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