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  1. It's not all bad, towards month end already signals of a considerable cool down in the ensembles (posted in Mad Thread). Which ties is with the MetO thoughts as well.
  2. urrrghhh, just been in the SE regional thread, I think our corner of the uk is about the only place in the UK to have bust in this Mild Cold spell.
  3. Well first real sign in the 15 Day ensembles of swinging back to colder, from less cold conditions toward the end of the month.
  4. I think I’d have rather had nothing than this mornings tease!
  5. More rain than snow imby, really nothing to be excited about! Just done school run up the hill in Lytchett Mattravers and it’s just snow up there (275ft asl) slushy deposits on cars. But that’s your lot.
  6. Kids very happy at the sight of falling snow! It’s not sticking and it certainly won’t do, but its a pretty good way to start Monday!
  7. Cheers NK! It won’t amount to anything but nice to see!
  8. Getting some seriously cold windchill readings!! -4 to -7c
  9. The front that’s drifting south from yesterday’s midlands snow is reinvigorating as it interacts with Ana, so it may pep up a bit more before it drifts off east in the next 2-3 hours
  10. Snow here its never going to stick but nice to see. wonder if up the hill it’s sticking.....?
  11. Im done, Bonjour here’s hoping we get a surprise in our sleep. EDIT: weather related surprise.. as you were
  12. The strange thing is the snow band in the midlands that is supposed to be decaying is actually growing mark go to sleep, that way you don’t have to keep telling us off for staying up late I might get a midnght snack in a minute 😂