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  1. Bit of a pub special that! Cracking stuff and not the first time we’ve seen the gfs chuck that sort of run out in the low res over the past couple of days. It’s picking up on something for sure, let’s hope that’s the watered down version 🥶🥶🥶 That reminded me of march 2018 but with staying power!! How cold
  2. Should be ok in the end, some half decent WAA heading up west Greenland
  3. I’m slightly concerned the next frame could be very West Based -NAO
  4. No worries, thought I’d answer rather than skip past your post
  5. These are model based though. Radar is correct in terms of ppn, but the ppn type is determined by the conditions that were predicted at that time.
  6. Yeah i heard about that, really sad news . Cardiff don't seem destined to sign anyone this window do they
  7. I've run out of PPN, Temp down to 2.5c. See you next winter
  8. Amazing and I’m very jealous! But happy for you.
  9. In a word... NONE! I’ve got a bit of elevation as well, but no help whatsoever. I’m about 0.8c colder than my old town however