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  1. As @Man With Beard said in the previous thread, it looks like we need upgrades now for this initial attempt at an extended cold spell. my overly obsessive use of the ENS has over the last 3 days shown quite clearly a climb down, from a very big majority of cold members, to now a substantial amount of milder members in comparison. But there are still some very cold members, and the overall NH profile should make everyone of a cold loving disposition pretty Optimistic as we head towards winter proper. been some good chat over the weekend in here, I’ve enjoyed reading it all.
  2. That’s a stonking Control run on De Bilt ENS toward the end. Lets hope we can see a decent det run on the 12z and get more members joining the cold clustering!
  3. Eesh, not what I was hoping to see 12z 00z Finely balanced! Somethings got to give soon!
  4. Yes, probably the BOM anyway I’m off to get my bodyguard for the record, it wouldn’t surprise me if we had Stella runs back by the 12z!
  5. Has the NAVGM had an upgrade this summery hat I’m unaware of or something? All of a sudden it’s king pin (I wonder why) . Any possible return to less cold conditions (if indeed that happens at all) does look short lived on the ECM ens graph as we dip again after the 24/25th
  6. That’s the hope although it’s prone to temp inversion as well, been -4c here in the Minster but at the top of the hill closer to 0c on some occasions.
  7. Up the hill to L’Matravers. Could never move away from the region, unless it was abroad! Too much on our doorstep!
  8. I’ve got 2 weeks to pack the house up for the move, but bed feels sooooo good and it’s miserable outside
  9. I wouldn’t expect any model to be “spot on” at D9 though would you? It’s a pretty damn good match! The GFS on the other hand.. It’s good.... but it’s not quite Carling. more Euro high than sceuro, trough distruption in the Atlantic not happening...
  10. ECM 12z on the 8th December for today ECM +0 today not a bad match for a poorly performing model. I shan’t be recycling this run, not wise. Although the last 24hrs have stepped away from the deep cold being modelled, I don’t think we can grumble at the overall NH pattern, ECM at D10 is not to be sniffed at if you are looking for a possible route to cold.
  11. That’s slightly skewed because of the few outlandishly mild runs. I don’t think anything’s nailed one way or the other yet and this most definitely will not be resolved by tomorrow, not a chance.(imo)
  12. As has been stated, operational runs tomorrow could be anything from very cold to not so cold/mild in the D7+ range, the ENS show that quite nicely. I’ve seen a lot worse
  13. Oh my! How’s that for a Stonking set of ENS Some pretty cold runs in there! On balance there are a few rather mild ones as well, somewhat of a split from around the 27th, but majority look cold to me...?
  14. Worth noting the ICON performed superbly last March when the Beast(s) were being modelled days in advance