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  1. Right I’m off to Wembley, have a good day everyone 👍🍻🤦‍♂️
  2. Yes, I mean in terms of it being cold enough for snow on the south coast, the weekend warm up is happening, I’m trying to avoid an snow- rain event!
  3. Not a done deal yet, when there is spread there is hope!!
  4. That’s certainly not out of the question, few runs to go yet! Cheers
  5. My station record DP is -6.2c, that will go tonight quite easily!
  6. -0.9c dp -5.5c just let the dog out and it feels pretty raw out!
  7. just seen Models, looking better for end of the week then. Good step back, hopefully more to follow. 👍
  8. I have no idea about egg throwing, so couldn’t care less about that thank heavens!
  9. Hmm yes I’m not good at that... 😬 🤦‍♂️ Oh well not shots then
  10. I’ll have a wager that ecm is on of if not the mildest member in its suite! My main aim tonight is not to drink to much, don’t want to be hanging out of my A**e tomorrow!
  11. Something tells me this will be wide of the mark, but we will see in an hours or so where it sits on the ens graph....
  12. For our region as a whole, that ecm is a shocker!!! Glad I’m off out tonight after that!! hopefully it’s an outlier! Certainly doesn’t look right to me, but maybe I’ve got my rose tinted’s on. still Mon-weds fun yet anyway
  13. I’m not involved in that debate i do not like the ecm 120 Drags to much mild air in. Seems very quick to me to be honest..