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  1. I got £50 for Road to Riches finished 6th
  2. What a beautiful Day! Sat in the Garden with a few beers, listening to the lawn mowers all around me suckers!! You don’t waste a beer Garden Day lol picked my 5 horses Total Recal, last Sam, road to riches, Chase the spud and Red Beard! Happy Saturday all
  3. Big rain!! Torrential! As Forest Gump would say, “it’s raining up”!
  4. We appear to be in a mucking fuddle with our words ....
  5. Beefy shower developed from very little right over head atm.
  6. 28.5mm of rain from that system, looks to have cleared off now. What to do today, that is the question
  7. 27mm of rain so far, which is what the warning area advertised. More to come looking at the radar. When you get 25-30mm of rain falling on already saturated ground, that will cause problems, hence the warnings. Wife came back from work at 5am and she said roads had standing water everywhere! Kept in her words “skidding” lol.
  8. I’ve gone up 0.1c in 15 mins, Per Mertasacker runs faster than that
  9. April 1st though, happy days Crappy rain here 4.7c 7.32mm
  10. Place your bets then, I’m going for 27mm in near my back yard. There’s a friendly weather station just down the road from me as my rain gauge is broked! So I’ll be watching his.