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  1. Its bloody depressing looking out at it. Another Farmer I know is already buying in grub for his cows, steers and bulls. I love Autumn and Winter but am dreading the hay situation. On talking to the Farmer with the cows and I may have this wrong but he implied that the VERY LAST window of opportunity is September, but we've got to have some good rain first.
  2. Rumbles of thunder here in Tunbridge Wells and a half-hearted bit of rain. Very overcast but I suspect not going anywhere. Fields and garden lawns looking terrible, brown and dead. On talking with the Farming community it may well be that there is a hay shortage this year. A Farmer friend of mine has only got half his quota in. No more grass left..
  3. To be utterly honest I like mid-20s and that'll do me. The veg garden grows well in that. I know some do like it hot, but not for me I'm afraid.
  4. Well, I have to say I'm feeling increasingly depressed by the browning grass in the fields. A farmer friend of mine has only been able to make HALF his quota of hay for this year.
  5. Good morning everyone... Well I've just got up. NOT LIKING the sounds of these winds in Tunbridge Wells one bit. I'm no expert and love following Netweather but I'd say this is worse than last weekend.
  6. Well... Its a bit gusty here already in Tunbridge Wells. And so many of the fields are waterlogged already. My friend has bought her cows in... Mud nearly up to the top of her Wellington Boots...And before any of our resident comedians comment the cows are in her barn NOT her house! ??????????
  7. Bloody windy now in Tunbridge Wells and we aren't in the worst of it yet... Which I understand is about 2.00 pm
  8. Surely John I would hope that any sporting events still on will now be cancelled.
  9. I think I'm just going to pop the washing in the dryer "in case" the power goes.
  10. I just bloody hope and pray people aren't damn silly in this weather.
  11. Lightening... When are they expected... Jesus Christ.
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