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  1. Oh God... its 1.50 am and its getting gusty and I hadn't thought about......fence panels 😒.
  2. Any thoughts on West Kent area overnight and this afternoon. It is clouding over again now. I'm just wondering whether flock feeding will be a bit of a "Scott of the Antarctic" scenario later 😁
  3. Well, I'm sitting here in Tunbridge Wells. I've fed the sheep that I look after this morning. I always check them twice a day. The snow has started again and I think that ever so gradually the flakes and intensity are increasing. Due to flock I'm keeping a very close eye out of the window and on here.
  4. Well, interestingly our house is on a bus route. Freezing here and no grit. I've parked the car at the side of the house as many years ago I saw a bus skid... does make the old ticker move when that bus is heading towards.... Your Car 🙄
  5. I suppose not really weather related but I just wanted to say thank you all so much. I've really really enjoyed following the posts today. I am awaiting Open Heart Surgery sometime this year and you have really taken my mind off things. Thanks again everyone. I really mean that.
  6. You may well be right. I'm in Tunbridge Wells and its starting again. Not 50p flakes I add but any brightness has gone so I will presume temps are now dropping back a bit.
  7. Is it wrong to have the sheep all fed and happy, wine open and be beyond excited. Very best of luck everyone. Lamb and Pork defrosting for a mega roast dinner tomorrow as the flakes fall.....😁. That's without the roast potatoes, veg, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and various condiments.... and the pigs in blankets.. I'll see myself out. Contentment overload.
  8. Hi Kate, yes I'm in Tunbridge Wells too. Neighbour's going for their vaccination on Sunday morning. The wife especially is getting a bit concerned re weather. I've suggested they park on the main road overnight Saturday which I'm sure will be gritted.
  9. No you're not snipper. I'm going to start following very closely today.
  10. Hello Lottie, yes I woke up at 5.30 to a wet garden.. Like a fool I damn near opened the sitting room curtains. Luckily I didn't as it's all dried up in Tunbridge Wells and the sun is shining. Its also starting to get humid again. So fans being cranked up.
  11. I couldn't agree more. We're ok but struggling here.. It's far too hot.
  12. Its bloody depressing looking out at it. Another Farmer I know is already buying in grub for his cows, steers and bulls. I love Autumn and Winter but am dreading the hay situation. On talking to the Farmer with the cows and I may have this wrong but he implied that the VERY LAST window of opportunity is September, but we've got to have some good rain first.
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