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  1. Some of u guys have deff been in the sweet spot and hopefully more on the way for u, keep the pics coming
  2. After Saturday it's a change to milder weather and after that who knows
  3. I can c the excuses from the met already, we issued an amber warning due to the snow arriving during rush hour. When did 2-8cm become an amber warning? I've probably got the amount of snow that was forecast for here but I still can't get my head around y it was an amber warning
  4. Ye everything turning white here, another 6 hours of this and I'll b happy lol
  5. The precipitation just doesn't seem heavy enough to cause any problems, hopefully it will get heavier but I don't think it will
  6. To my untrained eyes it looks like the front has stalled so maybe now it will start to tilt??
  7. I just saw the itv wales forecast and it only went to 3pm, that says to me still loads of uncertainty and this could go either way. I'm not feeling confident where I am but I'd say 150m above should do well
  8. Some hefty looking showers over in Ireland, r they going to make it all the way over the pond and give us some fun and games in the morning
  9. I just watched the meto video forecast for Thurs and it's looking good for high ground with some decent accumulations but unfortunately cold rain and sleet for lower levels ie Cardiff etc
  10. I think everyone is down beat after the 10 day charts never verifying and the ground hog day of a winter we've had so far. Don't get me wrong we've had wetter winters than this but it's not usually this boring lol. I think we've been spoilt from last March and now snow showers r not good enough any more we want them 10ft drifts back ???
  11. So Thursday is a snow fest now is it?? What happened to tomorrow? On the weekend Tuesday was the snow fest, and Wednesday it will b Friday or Saturday which will b the snow fest. Can u c where this is going? The same as the models all winter things being pushed back and not happening. I do hope your right for Thursday tho but im expecting it to go the way of the pear
  12. I'd say the main concern is the ice not the snow for low levels
  13. I'd say 150m and above but if the precipitation is heavy enough u just never know with low lying areas
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