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  1. Decent light show now here in mid Beds after the previous cells this evening seemed to pass us by. A number of aircraft in a holding pattern away from LTN too right now because of the lingering cell over the field.
  2. Those echoes north of Luton - well I'm pretty much directly underneath and it's producing nothing?
  3. Looks like the weather isn't far away from The Rose Bowl in Southampton.
  4. Lots of weather avoidance going on, on the STN and LTN approaches. Virtually nothing in the sky nearby at the moment.
  5. Storm becoming more pronounced over the last 10-15m here in Mid Beds. Still not more than a 4/10 at the moment.
  6. Good morning everyone - terrible nights sleep. Loving the cooler and fresher conditions this morning - its a godsend! Conditions prime once again, but more towards the South Midlands and South & East England today. If there was an additional windshear ingredient...
  7. Unlikely unless they fancy expensive repairs! Last night at LTN they switched the runways around because of this landing into a tailwind, but wind is too strong for that at the moment.
  8. So for days building up to this point, and our area is likely to get very little today or tomorrow, going by the latest BBC forecast. Last night's Buzzard storm was so slow moving it died out before it got here. My grass is not grass anymore! Desperate for rain!
  9. Hang on a sec - surely Lincs is the epicentre of extreme weather over recent years?
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