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  1. So going to be landing in Luton in just over an hour - I guess there’s a line of storms heading through there at the moment. How’s it looking for around 2030L?
  2. So I’m flying into LTN this evening around 2030 - how’s it looking? From here it’s looking pretty turbulent to say the least!
  3. Ok, theoretical scenario here and a pretty loose question - what is the absolute maximum for the UK. I.e with a realistic synoptic, could somewhere in the UK in theory get over 40c and beyond? Or is that totally out of the question.
  4. There are 37-39s showing up in Benelux - why couldn’t those same temperatures feed through to the UK - similar latitudes? Heck remember this extraordinary heatwave is heading up to the arctic circle.
  5. Gone a bit dark here just outside Luton Airport. Seems like were on the cusp of something
  6. So the radar showing nothing east of Milton Keynes. All done for the London area, above and east?
  7. Affirm. I can see it from about 30 miles away. The lightning has definitely “slowed”.
  8. Those cells just around the northern sector of the M25 should require close attention. Really pepped up in the last 30 mins.
  9. Looks like we’re on the cusp of something here in N Beds. Lots of towers suddenly popping up in the last hour.
  10. According to the BBC, there have now been 50,000 lightning strikes.
  11. Flights still landing at LTN. Jeez I travel all of the time, but I wouldn’t want to be in that right now!
  12. Just driven back on the M1, not much thunder but plenty of lightning.
  13. Just to prove how quickly the system is intensifying, do a time lapse of the last hour over the SE of England. Wow.
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