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  1. Just seen a picture of someone from Thaxted, Essex reporting 3cm hail.
  2. Its been rumbling here in C Beds for a good hour or so, but no lightning visible or rain yet... I don't suspect it'll be too long.
  3. Minimal snow here in Mid Beds. A light dusting overnight and some 1/10 dandruff falling right now.
  4. So rather than trawling through a million posts, what are the current indications for the west of the region? I know it's more of a nowcast scenario, but do I expect in Bedfordshire to gain more than 1-2 inches? Or is the system tracking any further north or west?
  5. What is the expectation for the west of the region for the rest of the day? Around 2-3cm here so far at least.
  6. After being stormed and snow starved for most of the last 12 months, finally...
  7. Going to be some speedy trips across the Atlantic looking at that jet...
  8. Is that major blob going to remain electrical when it comes this way?
  9. Must be plenty happening around the STN area - lots of aircraft have just broken off their approaches and sitting in holding patterns.
  10. Thunder now here in mid Beds, but doesn't seem to be many sferics from this system at all.
  11. Decent light show now here in mid Beds after the previous cells this evening seemed to pass us by. A number of aircraft in a holding pattern away from LTN too right now because of the lingering cell over the field.
  12. Those echoes north of Luton - well I'm pretty much directly underneath and it's producing nothing?
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