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  1. They're probably watching the reactions in here.. lol. Definitely said significant....... They may have new data and decided to drop it...?
  2. BBC have gone for risk of some significant snowfall for the SE.... You lucky people.....
  3. Fantastic view from the trig point. It's been a good few years since I went up there. Beautiful photos PM
  4. Fascinating creatures indeed. I have a nest under the greenhouse and they've removed sand and cement from under the slabs the greenhouse sits on. Amazing feat given their size. I encourage them to nest in the composter too as they make beautiful seed compost. This year was the first time I've seen them carry a new queen back to the nest after the annual deluge of flying ants. Amazing...
  5. Nice find knocker. Very helpful from the start. This is the kind of thing that climate science needs, detail but easy to follow.....
  6. That'll be proof that climate change is a man made problem and they just corrected the data errors... (I know... I can't pass over the irony without saying something though....)
  7. Beautiful clear blue skies here at the moment. I hope that rain stays away for a bit longer.....
  8. Couple of rumbles of thunder here and a bit of a shower. Looks like all the activity is to the south east of my location...
  9. I'm good cheers mate and I hope you are too. When I was reading through I thought of the film 2012... It certainly makes you wonder how many undetected super volcano type structures there are. Nothing we can do about it though if one goes off.
  10. Dusseldorf airport is currently being hammered..... http://www.dus.com/dus/webcam/ Edit.......... The camera's decided to go down. Not surprised... lol
  11. Some great footage Tom and I love that wide angle of the cell Ian. The detail in that is amazing.
  12. Back to the will it, won't it.........? http://www.estofex.org/cgi-bin/polygon/showforecast.cgi?text=yes&fcstfile=2014061006_201406082231_3_stormforecast.xml
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