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  1. Go to bbc.co.uk/iplayer, go to TV Guide, click on BBC One logo, then Change Location on the top right, select West then find Points West in the guide.
  2. Yes, @kumquat's correct, that's what I intended to say. It perhaps would have been clearer if I had embedded the tweet correctly, sorry.
  3. He was replying to another tweet that said it was going to a non event. Ian's tweet was saying it was far to early to tell.
  4. Fergie's just slapped down a tweet stating that Thursaday and Friday is going to be a non-event. The end of the week is still a long way off and any outcome is still possible.
  5. BBC in Devon reporting that 10 meters or so of sea wall at Dawlish that runs alongside the main railway line has been washed away this evening. If true, that is staggering & I don't think we'll be seeing trains along there for a while!
  6. Fergie's just twitted that MetO Weather Warning for wind has been upgraded to Amber. By the sounds of the reports coming in on here and Twitter, I'm not surprised. Ian Fergusson â€@fergieweather 6m#WILTSHIRE 2200 hrs AMBER warning upgrade to strong winds now being enacted for south of county, effective immediately. Ditto #DORSET
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