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  1. Morning Paul, have you seen the couple of PM's ive sent to you yet? Regards. Dave.
  2. Violent thunderstorm with torrential rain now being reported from Truro Cornwall.
  3. Hi please follow my Weather blog on Facebook if you live in the North West or North Wales. https://www.facebook.com/WinterInTheUk2013
  4. Lassie! Long time no speak. Not expecting anything to happen here until at least rush hour.
  5. Take out various Pay Day Loans & spend it all on Beer, Cigs & Escorts.
  6. Hopefully as the Summer progresses we'll see more in the way of convective activity. I'm remaining hopeful.
  7. As for the Regional threads closing for the Summer, makes sense too me, they're only really needed in the Winter when we tend to get more Severe Weather over a widespread part of the Country.
  8. I for one ain't shedding a tear for them, that's what you get for parking the bus!! See'ya Jose!
  9. Ahh St Georges Hall. That is where the homecoming parade will end *if and it's still a big if Liverpool FC bring the Title home after 24 years. It will most certainly eclipse Istanbul homecoming in 2005 when over a million people lined the route. Will be something special to behold if it were to happen.
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