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  1. Crazy isn’t it- when I worked for Harrods during the st Jude storm and there were no trains they tried to make me take it as annual leave when i couldn’t get in! Doesn’t matter what’s going on out there, you get in m’boy or take it as holiday was the attitude.
  2. Incredible in London today with that sky- had to pop out of the office a few times as had to experience it. Foreboding but beautiful. Reminded me of being in Cornwall in 1999 for the solar eclipse which ended up cloudy, dark and orangy! The sun before the cloud really rolled in was incredible too! Keep up the good work weather gods!
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    I’m a qualified accountant and a human being-mistakes do happen occasionally no matter how hard you try not to. I don’t know a single person in my life in any field of work, professional or otherwise who hasn’t made a mistake at some point. I’m not always the biggest fan of the met office warnings etc but it’s not possible to be perfect- sod working for someone like you!
  4. Well that was a nice little storm, caught a few photos, not worth putting here really but another one to add to the 2017 list - September seems to deliver the goods!
  5. Off work today and yet more thunder here. Looking at the live lightning, I could be in for a treat soon. Fantastic cloudscapes today, proper weather!
  6. Just missed out on it coming back from work but the stairs at the station were a waterfall!! Amazing stuff.
  7. I feel your pain Windblade - if it helps, I've got a long history of going away for the weekend/holiday for the first time in ages only to find out that my area was pummelled just hours/days after me leaving after waiting months (/years sometimes) for more than a rumble!! Probably the luckiest I've been last Friday in donkeys and your turn will come - like you I was in, lights on and not even aware something may happen until i heard a distant rumble! I'm moving to Cambridgeshire soon anyway so things will be back to normal around these parts next year don't worry!! On balance, 2017 has been an improvement on previous years, hopefully that will continue.
  8. Calming down here now but can't complain, that's me storm fed until next year and very chuffed! Night all!
  9. sorry I can't help it, making the very most of a bonus!
  10. Haha!! Buddy I've waited years and years and I didn't even know this was on the way- I grabbed my iPhone and just filmed and for once im in the hot spot!! Made my decade it has!