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  1. So the day I get asked into London for work (first time in months) is the day st neots gets a storm, happens every time in the past too, what an f wind up. Dry as a bone in london of course. Cursed.com
  2. Dark to the left of me, anvil to the right.... stuck in the middle with....not much!! Cmon you bugger, deliver just 1 bolt!
  3. Wowsers, looking out the window wfh and suddenly theres a huge anvil in front of me.... sadly I'm on the edge of it all again looking at sat24 but just heard a rumble.... please build eastwards!!
  4. Definitely the worst for me and I'm 41 now, every year starts with the hope which gradually gets eroded with each let down but in fairness at least I've seen more than a single paltry bolt in prior years. Move to France or North?
  5. How things have changed, the old UK climate has shifted North and we are stuck in a semi desert here. Had a few rumbles Monday but no lighting or even rain and seen some lovely distant CBs but nothing from them and looks like the horrific heat will fizzle out with a whimper again in SE with time running out. Zzzzz.
  6. Just out for a stroll and spotted this cheeky monkey to the south... must be at least 30 miles away per sat24. Hard to make out on the pic but it's a giant!! Come hither!
  7. Very tropical feeling and many little towers going up all around right next to the CB I'm almost under. Lovely stuff.
  8. Haha nice one!! Heard lots of thunder so far but seen no lightning as yet. Nice little surprise though given how things have been looking on the forecasts. Just 1 bolt of lightning please gods, I'm not asking for much am I...
  9. Thunder in st neots, what the hell?? How can I get out of work for the next 2 hours...
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