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  1. Its going on and on here, the rain is the proverbial biblical.. never seen it so heavy here. That's on top of the earlier stuff. New rivers springing up everywhere, sky signal gone - epic!!
  2. Feeding off scraps a bit but I'll take it!! From burning hot blue sky London to the edge of the monster. Better than zilch.
  3. Still quite potent even the its only the tail of the storm, proper bonus given it looked game over! Definitely a mini round 2.
  4. Just home and definitely caught the tail - non stop loud thunder...IC only so far. Massive rain, must be pepping!! Riggt on edge of the meaty stuff
  5. I have a hail core right in front of me to the east! Looks almost tornadic!!
  6. Seems to be pepping up a bit, not sure I should be walking in this!!
  7. St neots station- constant distant thunder, sun coming out, rainbow, floods, missed another epic then. Yay. Least I caught the tail!
  8. Not even a distant flash to see even though I'm now nearly back in Neots and can see huge clouds from the train. Deprived of even that little pleasure!! Enjoy all those that get their fix tonight!
  9. Speeding north on the train into a wall of black, please let me catch the tail of it at least pretty please!!
  10. So the one day I dont wfh in ages I'm stuck in London with clear sky and my wife tells me st neots I'd getting the mega storm. F in joke, always the way, probably last chance of summer. Talk about jinxed
  11. In fairness, we finally had some decent frontal rain over the last 7 days here but my preference is for convective weather which always seems to be hard to come by! One last thundery plume before Autumn please weather Gods.
  12. Showers just to the North and South and then forming literally minutes after passing here, unbelievable so yet again the radar is peppered with downpours in this area and yet we dodge them all. How is that possible?
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