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  1. Wishing you all the best Oliver, enjoy!
  2. The 1998 record was incredible to experience, especially as it was earlyish in the month too. I was at Reading University studying Meteorology at the time (sadly had to bail on that) and we were out picknicking dressed in shorts and T-shirts, truly remarkable stuff. Time flies!
  3. Complete horse crap, I've never been interested in showing off and am not rich so couldn't anyway, what a sweeping and ludicrous statement. My house and the previous one are generally hot of a night from May to September and I find anything over 22c uncomfortable to sleep in so for me it's something I've always wanted. We're all different.
  4. Had aircon installed yesterday, been wanting it for years, best investment and not as expensive as you may think, I cannot take anymore hot sweaty nights which seem to be more and more each year. Real world stuff.
  5. Either I moved to a very sheltered area here in St Neots (unlikely being so flat), or we've been warned over nothing yet again- I'm in the supposed firing line yet there's not even a wheelie bin down (always a good benchmark!)on the way to the station and it's a bit breezy, big deal. Did I miss some sort of chaos in the night or are we just forever in the blame/claim/cover back side culture? It's just a windy day, why do we have endless warnings about normal weather? All fine for genuinely dangerous weather but I can't recall a time when imby at least a warning was warranted yet I get 1 a week or so, it's generating a 'boy who cried wolf' effect (in my family at least). Perhaps it's because I grew up in the 80s and 90s-genuine question?
  6. Twig rustler at best I'm sure!
  7. What a stunning morning - sunrise and mists combo, a day for photography not the Big Smoke. 5c this morn, thought it was supposed to be nearer 11c.
  8. -7.1c the minimum, been a while since I've seen that low. All that beautiful cold and no snow expected again after all the warnings, talk about painful. Still, at least it's wintry out there and it looks stunning, wall to wall sunshine and a billion crazy diamonds shining on.
  9. Snow now and settling...
  10. Sleet now in the Neots.
  11. There's an epic snow fest on the charts at day 10, looking like a good dumping of 1-3 cm at least- surprised no warning out yet. Zzz
  12. I feel so relieved now and a yellow jacket solves all troubles. 😍
  13. Shocker! 😱😂 Roll on Thursdays sleet to rain event...
  14. Was light rain this morning and freezing up everywhere, walking to the station in trainers was challenging to say the least! Bambi on ice.