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  1. First rumble, looks like lightning will go either side... but still lovely to hear! Turning very dark now, bring on the rain to the St Neots desert!!
  2. After a year of being here in St Neots and storms either dying on the door step (May) or initiating here and pummelling elsewhere (yesterday) (was almost the same in Billericay!)... could it finally please be my time even for just a blo0dy rumble or two)?! Even rain would be great, 2 months of waiting. Day off work, in the garden, beer in hand, radar and lightning radar watching, bliss!
  3. James1979

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Pops head back in after stag do in Riga (minus 10c whilst there this weekend), same old 2 threads, one wanting permanent winter with no mention of anything else and just a big clique, the other just the personal digs thread. Zzzz So I gather my wedding in mid April will now be a snowy one according to the experts, oh the joy. Hopefully it'll snow all year as well. Pops head back out forever more.
  4. Off to Riga for my stag do this weekend - right into the middle of the beasts belly - I may get bitten!!
  5. Minimal action around my way too. Whilst it's been a good cold spell, I'm left feeling a bit underwhelmed again seeing epic snowfalls seemingly everywhere else. Still, only 25 years give or take a few to the next similar event!!
  6. Because Injury lawyers 4 u or some such similar scab will be more than happy to squeeze the school for a good few k when little Johnny slips and grazes his knee due to snow, such a pathetic society we now live in in that respect. Sad times - we used to have fun at school in the snow and a fall was part and parcel of it and learning how the world works.
  7. Still only a bit of snow here. Im the opposite of the crowded house song. If I was back in Essex, Cambridgeshire would be 2 feet deep minimum now guaranteed! A walking severe weather shield I am!
  8. Fairly poor back home again in St Neots and it looks set to miss out on any epic snowfalls this week - pretty impressive just now at work in London though - such a rare sight here and looks fantastic so at least I have my snow fix. Overall a massively improved winter this time around, can't complain from an imby perspective even though I'd like more!
  9. How does one measure snow that's only 1 grain deep but has gaps between grains- does it get smoothed out or is it the height of the grain? This is the localised dilemma the beast has caused.
  10. Beats me by around 0.029 cm. Epic beast this one.
  11. I moved there/here a few months ago and I love snow - what a mistake, worse than Billericay!! In fairness the start of December was pretty good!! It's just started snowing now though as I type.. little balls of ice bouncing around. Yay.