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  1. Moderate snow and settling nicely now- best winter for 5 years from an imby perspective with plenty of cold and frosty weather too...
  2. Heard that last bit from so many every year including myself - I swore by it years back, have stuck to it and take it all with a hefty pinch of salt. Long gone are the days of endless frustration over failed FI charts for me - I've accepted that something's changed and if I get a bonus snowfall (which I did in Dec 17 for first time in a long time) then great and the same for the ever declining storms in summer. This time next year will be the same story no doubt - Groundhog year again.
  3. Show us your pet

    sooty and autumn
  4. I think this could be the one you refer to! stayed at home as too much agro with trains this morning and lack of sleep waiting for the roof to come off so an just down the road to you. I was back in Essex for the 87 storm- last night was nothing like that at all which was terrifying but still a teeth gritted one last night! Used to love the wind but now I finally own my own home I’m not so keen!
  5. Blimey, you're perceptive mate - the sun rises at the same time as it did 22nd Dec and sets just 20 mins later! It's been so gloomy out there that it feel no different to me alas, can't wait for mid Feb now when I really notice it and Spring is almost here. If we can't have a decent winter I'd rather skip this gloomy, nothingness [email protected]!
  6. Not logged on for a few days- what time is the snow due tomorrow? Can’t wait. Presumably there’s not another failed easterly etc this time like all the Graham’s number of times before?
  7. And surprise, surprise, once inside the M25 it’s sleety and no snow settling to be seen anywhere. Orrid!
  8. F135A484-1226-4DC5-A21F-E5E92D5AADF3.MOV
  9. Heaviest snowflakes I’ve ever seen at Hitchin-must be 5/6cm across some of them! Might be wrong about snow not hanging around! What a bonus Christmas pressie!
  10. On the train to London and it’s amazing to see the different pockets of snow/sleet and the variation of temperature presumably- snowflakes the size of £2 coins and more in Sandy/Biggleswade, a complete white out! No doubt Central London will be wet...
  11. What a grim walk to the station-blasted in the face by snow rapidly turning to sleet which can’t be shaken off and is like being hit with a slush puppy over and over. Can’t believe the normally tiny babbling brooks have turned into raging torrents overnight and burst their banks, must really have poured all night. Then again I’ve only lived here 2 months so perhaps it’s normal but there are new formed lakes all over the place! Beats dull grey dry weather even if a tad painful!
  12. Settling here and already 1.5cm at only 17m asl, however it’s probably the ‘wettest’ snow I think I’ve seen, can’t see it hanging around very long.
  13. Wasn’t expecting snow to actually happen here but it is and hammering down! More snow in the last few weeks than in the previous 5 years, cracking stuff... shame I have to go to work now.
  14. Waking up to heavy snow in St Neots, first proper snow in so many years finally. Glad I moved!!