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  1. Kent clipper (at best) rinse and repeat for the last god knows how many years now, someone needs to do a PhD on this!! Bon nuit.
  2. Hot off the press, I have my fix now, what a bonus!
  3. Hmmm, actually heard some thunder and looks like it's going to lash as pitch black to the south!
  4. So completely unexpected storms arrive in this area... but they stop just short/split up of my doorstep yet again -bound to reform and wipe out the rest of Essex once past the shield that is me. Enjoy the bonus to anyone who gets them!
  5. Will believe it when I see it!! Heard it all before but I have everything crossed - even seeing some proper rain is something to get excited about now!
  6. You'll find it on every forum on every subject alas. At least it's consistent- a bit like our recently dull climate.
  7. I've been lurking since around 2003 too and mostly agree although I do recall more snowfall back in the 80s and 90s, it's become diabolical the last 4 years. As for the models, I used to get suckered in and so despondent when yet again they didn't materialise for the umpteenth time and that's turned into not flinching when I see a cold spell on the cards again, in fact I barely go in the model thread anymore, it's always jam tomorrow. I don't see the value of modelling anything over 5 days if it's so inaccurate and leading to frustration over and over. The same can be applied to summer where it now seems to see a thunderstorm is as rare as snow in the winter and yet I used to see at least a few a year. 1 decent storm in nearly a decade for me, it's unreal. As a weather lover who's followed it avidly for 31 years I cannot bear the trend for the seasons to converge to a form of warm or cold autumn and I'm sure the level of cloud has gone up!! Nothing of interest seems to happen anymore, and I think I'm giving it up finally and looking for another hobby. Please 2017 deliver something of interest to spite me.
  8. Snow for the first time in nearly 4 years, my god this has been a wait, finally!!!!
  9. From clear skies to rapidly forming cumulus over London now in next to no time... no doubt feeding the areas West of me for later alas.
  10. Incredibly quick that cell, fingers crossed for something, anything tonight please storm Gods! Anyone notice the almost mini hurricane lookalike in the Biscay?! http://en.sat24.com/en
  11. Just gone through Romford this minute on the train, not a drop. Looks like yet another dry and thunderless one, it's get worse every year, here's hoping I'm proved wrong ...
  12. Got to be the post of the month!
  13. 92% humidity here, incredible - such potential!