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  1. Decent little storm finally. Seems I've captured an electrical stag!
  2. Been happening for at least a dozen years on here, same for snow in winter, you'll get used to it. The climate has shifted substantially sadly but the models dont seen yo have that built in. Same hype and let downs year in year out.
  3. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/93792-best-storm-youve-ever-seen-in-the-uk/#comments
  4. Thunder snow here, out of nothing, hammering snow and huge crack of thunder just now!! Was not expecting that - amazing stuff/bonus!! 20210411_203907.mp4
  5. Light snow here and yet 9.3c (starting to drop) - by far and away the highest temperature I've ever seen it snow at, didnt think it was possible!
  6. Can confirm the frozen stuff here as well. Cant snow at Christmas but can in April, always amazes me! To see such a turnaround in temperature in a few days is pretty impressive too!
  7. It's a moans thread for weather not for moaning about other people and their interests or did I get that wrong? I'm not looking forward to yet another dry and cold boring spell, even more so in April, I'd prefer it warm now, including for plants and the like but year in year out the "what's wrong with people" gets thrown around. If someone wants to be passionate about potential or actual weather that's their look out and they should be free to do so and not be guilt tripped. If this thread is also supposed to be for moaning about other people (don't we have enough of that everywhere else these days?)then I have the wrong end of the stick.
  8. So what if they are enjoying it? I love a bit of cold in winter but am done with it now and would prefer warmth but since when are people to be censored on what weather they like and why would there be anything wrong with them? It's a weather forum for flip sake we should be able to like what we like.
  9. Love the seasons but looking forward to seeing the back of a very disappointing cold spell imby, very little snow, just unrelenting cold and dry, very boring for me. The evenings are noticeably lighter now and it's that time my attention turns to warmth and convective weather, can't wait now.
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