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  1. From clear skies to rapidly forming cumulus over London now in next to no time... no doubt feeding the areas West of me for later alas.
  2. Incredibly quick that cell, fingers crossed for something, anything tonight please storm Gods! Anyone notice the almost mini hurricane lookalike in the Biscay?!
  3. Just gone through Romford this minute on the train, not a drop. Looks like yet another dry and thunderless one, it's get worse every year, here's hoping I'm proved wrong ...
  4. Got to be the post of the month!
  5. 92% humidity here, incredible - such potential!
  6. Sun finally broken through briefly... too little too late?..
  7. Once again bizarrely I was in a very low amount of lightning area last night whilst seemingly surrounded by 100's of strikes elsewhere nearby as per the strike maps, certainly quite a few flashes and big booms but no major strikes to get excited by, seems I nearly always end up in a tiny minimal lightning zone no matter what even though I'm in a supposed hotspot! However the rain was something else, not seen it for years like it and the flooded roads, burst rivers and cancelled trains have stopped me getting into London for my first day of a new job!! Great start! Roll on this afternoon, hopefully I'll see some decent electrical action.
  8. One of the many... IMG_0482.MOV
  9. Finally after literally years of waiting (and being in a supposed hot spot when everything seems to just miss this area for some reason unlike years ago) I had an epic and take some stills from some cracking vids!
  10. Rainbow Lightning

    From the album Rainbow lightning

  11. This is still the most severe storm I've ever seen - was 15 at the time, it was a beautiful calm and sunny day, 27c, then mid afternoon what looked like cirrostratus (must have been the anvil) came over the whole sky and then in the distance all I could see was forked lightning at least once a second but often even more across the whole horizon. This got closer and closer and the sky was vividly bright green and was full of continuous lightning that seemed to be raining down everywhere and sounded like bombs all around the house! Went on for a long time and I could hear my heart banging - going mad in my ears with the combined excitement and terror - I've always loved storms and remember the many 80's and 90's epic night storms - every year I hold out hope that it may happen again but those types of storms just stay on the continent mainly now or the rare times that happen I'm away on holiday! Hey ho, 2016 has been far more convective already for me than recent years so fingers crossed for another 1994 carol kirkwood humdinger this year!
  12. I'm just down the road from you and as I posted on page 17 with pic, we had a car written off next door with a falling tree! That said, I agree as I have seen much, stronger winds in the past and so I think the tree must have been weakened over the years. Was quite something at the time though!
  13. Thanks Costa - no more down as yet but they would reach the house if they do! It's case of fingers and everything crossed right now! It's been surprisingly crazy for an hour or 2 here, so many storms come to nothing here normally and I didn't expect much from this one, looks like Barney is trying to prove a point!
  14. I hope always for a decent storm be it thunder, snow or wind, when one finally arrives the trees opposite come down Neighbours car and house - direct impact, there are 4 more to go... i am praying for no wind now