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  1. Missed out on Tuesday Thursday and Fridays snow come on Mr east wind where are you.
  2. Been raining non stop for over 12 hours now pehaps a change to a little sleet will do.
  3. Been raining non stop since 9 this morning if only it had been snow!
  4. When is the next bite of the winter apple last years snow was on the 27th Feb so not giving up just yet.
  5. Not much making its way in to kent not very hopeful. Temp still 3.0.
  6. Did i sleep though a decent storm ? Or did just miss me and not even wet outside.
  7. Nothing here a bit of a surprise as we were right in the amber warning zone.
  8. Pinned Tweet Southeastern @Se_Railway IMPORTANT UPDATE: There is SEVERE disruption across the entire network at the moment, with no trains running in east Kent. Please DO NOT TRAVEL at the moment - we're working with @NetworkRailSE to get things up and running as quickly as we can.
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