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  1. Yes it happened in Axminster, one minute it was raining and the next everything was covered in ice, I saw icicles form infront of my eyes from the shed roof, cars were skidding all over the roads. That was in 2010
  2. I know absolutely nothing about how the weather works but I just looked at netweathers radar and it looks like the stuff coming out of France is heading straight towards the East, Southampton and Kent way. Am I wrong? Can anyone explain how it' suddenly going to head straight for the southwest please because I'm very confused!!
  3. I'm in Lyme bay area, I might be wishful thinking but does it look like the snow in the channel is getting a lot nearer to Lyme bay?
  4. -5 in Axminster, and looks so pretty in my garden and surrounding fields white from the shower we had last night.
  5. The local news weather on ITV just gave an awful forecast. Only the very tip of Cornwall to get snow tomorrow, the rest of the southwest 'might' get some snow Thursday and rain Friday with 7 degrees by Saturday. This is all completely against what I've been seeing all day?
  6. Someone else asked this question but not sure what the reply was, if someone says they have a snow shower how do we know if they are near to us without going into the profiles? I' sure it used to say down the side what area the poster was from.
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