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  1. Temp dropped from 1 to 0.6c but humidity has rocketed up from 69 to 83%. Dew point steady at -2% small flakes in the wind
  2. After a morning of spits and spots of rain and sleets heavy ppn has arrived. I've wondered up to a height of 300 metres and its heavy sleetvsnd rain. I suspect the higher moor 600 metres above should get a good dumping
  3. Hope you and the horses are alright. Heard its up around tavy cleave. Can see the glow from over here in dousland. Its incredible how dry the moor is after all this frost and wind. Mind you once the mild air arrives its going to be a quagmire!
  4. Yes the radar is a bit of a phantom menace. As alluded to earlier its evaporating before hitting the deck. We managed a few flakes and grains earlier this evening on this part of the moor but no accumulations
  5. Been working in Plymouth all day and even though the radar says its been snowing it hasn't made it to the ground. PPN to light. Anyway big story down here is there is a spate of fires on the moors
  6. Weather warning for cornwall updated up to 5cm possible on bodmin moor tonight into tomorrow.
  7. Temperature wise quite balmy here tonight compared to others in the region and of course further afield. A mere -1.3c!!
  8. Bless the ICON - its only big win i can think of is that it led the way for the BFTE in 2018. Others soon got on board but the seed was planted within that model. Interesting though that MO do take ICON seriously and is fed into like the other models into their output.
  9. Not to sure on tomorrows snow threat in the south west. My MO app (i know not the best place to search) has updated to show dry and cold all day Thursday and Friday!
  10. Some shower activity across Exeter moving onto dartmoor at the moment. Signal for a spell of heavier snow for the moor early tomorrow for an hour or so.
  11. The snow may have gone due south but I Still managed an ice day today. We topped out at -0.3c and now its dropping. Wind is a brute as well.
  12. Constant snizzle and small flakes here. Next to nothing has accumulated though
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