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  1. Wow missed all the rain here. And this area is renowned for being the wet side of the moor. Just had fog and drizzle.
  2. With the snow still falling in other areas of the country I have no doubt that the winter of 17/18 will be remembered very differently. For us usual wrong side of marginal muck close but no cigar where as places such as Malvern northwards will place 17/18 as good to great for snow. Yes it' only January and I tend to hunt the cold till March 12th but this year it feels different i wonder if the chips are down already (they were not exactly up in the first place)
  3. Pouring with rain here forecast was for a cloudless afternoon. Even when it' not cold they can't get it right.
  4. High pressure being modelled bad for proper cold but excellent for drying out the moor. After the shambles of the last week I vote for a dry moor
  5. Got down to 0.3c last night coldest in a while. In terms of weather there was supposed to be snow on the moor last night and light snow this morning, what do we have wall to wall sunshine and no snow on the ground.
  6. Still fighting the good fight down here, chance of slush at my gaff tomorrow but lots of white stuff up at princetown. But these forecasts certainly this winter rarely come to fruition , so i'm expecting nothing. Oh for a frontal snow band......
  7. Very true indeed. Well least we know the score now. Just annoying as they always say there will be snow and like Greg Lake it just keeps on raining.
  8. Wise words. Everytime then I venture towards the light I'll head for a gin instead. Should sort me out!
  9. That lasts about an hour and then I can feel myself coming round to the idea and before you know it, it' arrived....hope Princetown has heavy snow for 6 hours.
  10. No worries i didn't take it as ill mean!!! But i agree its tough down here enduring endless autumns.....
  11. Not calling anyone faint hearted ...........feint on the other hand