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  1. To be honest we had plenty of sticking snow in plymouth in february and March in 2018, so it can still happen and the channel islands were buried in March 2013!
  2. be warned though my rather limited experience would suggest as time goes on that system will drop further west and south west with every run (from 6 days out) like most channel lows
  3. At the moment its one of those autumns!!! Plenty of time!
  4. Had an impressive temp drop today as a band of heavy hail came in. From 6.3 to 3c in 5 minutes. Elsewhere snow in princetown and up round okehampton. A30 down to one lane. Impressive winter days weather for here and its not even winter!
  5. Scanning the predicted wind gusts on met office app for tomorrow constantine bay in Cornwall looks to have the highest gusts of 78mph. Tasty.
  6. That band is Intensifying. If you are already in it then you have another day of it. Seems to be heading slightly west.
  7. @Bring Back1962-63 I've noted that the ppn in north Devon and Wales has started to creep back west. Lots going on with this system!
  8. They look particularly tasty. Taking an age to move up. Fingers crossed. How's the road through Peter tavy doing?
  9. Yes the Dartmoor rangers have blocked both roads up there. Plenty of cars abandoned.
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