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  1. That band is Intensifying. If you are already in it then you have another day of it. Seems to be heading slightly west.
  2. @Bring Back1962-63 I've noted that the ppn in north Devon and Wales has started to creep back west. Lots going on with this system!
  3. They look particularly tasty. Taking an age to move up. Fingers crossed. How's the road through Peter tavy doing?
  4. Yes the Dartmoor rangers have blocked both roads up there. Plenty of cars abandoned.
  5. Yes spotlight suggesting they are cornwall bound plus on saturday when the wind swings to a northerly looks like the Pembroke dangler will be in operation. Somewhere in Cornwall will get a load a snow off that.
  6. What part of Plymouth. I nipped down to marjons at 4 to collect my daughter and wet snow was becoming snow. When I got home here in dousland it had gone all white. But yes snow from the West in Plymouth? Heady days.
  7. Starting to fizzle out here. Classic rain to snow event. Snow does lat on wet surfaces. Just need low temps and a high rate of snow falling!
  8. After 3 hours of rain the snow began and has not stopped chucking down huge flakes for 2 hours. Settling well. Only 30 minutes till the front puffs through. Impressive transition and met office app spot on here. Hope for you all further up. Good luck
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