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  1. Hi all hope everyone is doing alright. Damp and dank sums up the weekend here so far
  2. Has been novel to hear rain beating down last night and this afternoon. Suppose best get used to it. Sunday looking down here for getting out and about though . Top temp 11c! Barmy!
  3. I'm homing in being 40 next year already started dropping heavy hints on this....
  4. We're still about just avoiding the moaning mini posts that' all 😉 I would call today' weather as beige. Cloudy not breezy not cold not overly mild just a bit boring. So cold weather stormy weather plume type weather I'll have it all rather than today's borefest Mmm that's an ironic post if ever there was one
  5. 2.0c here. Could we squeeze in a frost?!
  6. Couple of photos taken by my brother down at st aldhelms head in purbeck. My old stomping ground very rare to get decent snow on the coast. Some of the drifts driving out to the head were as big as his landy. Got stuck twice managed to rock the landy off
  7. You'll crack by Friday if them charts still hold interest by then
  8. Erm.....my previous spouting about cold rain my be a little wide of the mark looking at the latest output. 3rd snowy spell anyone? Still snow on the ground in places here. Got down to -2.7c overnight Spring it aint
  9. Agreed anything from the north or northwest tends to give naff all on the south coast wishbone effect and all. I could get something being out on the limb down here but no doubt cold rain if anything. Nope the holy grail is weather from the east for folks below the M4, lightening has struck twice, we were spoilt rotten. In the future our futile chases for a flurry or 2 from a north or norwester will be fun but ultimately we'll know it won't deliver. Mind you if it gets to 2020 and we are without snow for 2 years I'll be on lamp post watch with the best of you. All eyes next season on the stratosphere this is the best way for snow me thinks! Or we can just watch out for @karlos1983 easterly watch updates!!!
  10. Looks like the forum is starting to revert back to it' normal sleepy state. Like living in the alps down here at the moment . Tops of the moor still a brilliant white with lower areas returning to the greens and yellows of grassland.
  11. Reference April snow.. In a minute some one is gonna say you can't get lowland snow settling in England in March. Especially in Torquay and Bude. Yes exceptional synotpics are required. Yes the current modelling is not there yet. But never say never when involving the weather.
  12. Lovely day out. So warm in the sun most the snow is gone here but still looks thick on the tops of the moor. Road closed signs still adorn the road to Princetown. Whisper it but I kind of want some warmer weather so I can go out biking with the little one. Up to 5c.
  13. Latest on the road to princetown not much of a thaw just yet!!!