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  1. Tasty winds cold winds at t186 on 18z tonight. Trough moving eastwards a bit more letting some colder air move down
  2. Hi all - not looking forward to living on a hill facing south west for the next week. Days of low cloud / fog and drizzle coming up. Pretty awful weather set up coming, with little or no sun.
  3. UKMO/ECM 1 - 0 GFS ..........now watch ECM go cold
  4. Ding Ding Round 1! So the first heavy weight bout of the season gets underway. In the Blue corner we have GFS with a flurry of cold promises and in the red corner we have the UKMO and ECM hoping to keep the heating bills down for a bit longer. Betting has swung one way and the next current favourites are the ECM/UKMO combination not to say GFS can’t influence a result. All puns aside this is what model watching for me is all about. Disagreements in the long term is normal but into the short to medium is just fascinating! Just hope I don’t get model burn out as its only mid November!
  5. Well well has the GFS gone off on one or will UKMO back it up? Anyway at T126 it looks like the high is starting to sink so this could be a mild run again.....
  6. Yep a bit more amplified and that low pressure in the Atlantic is not darting north.....yet
  7. Got down to 1c this morning. So yes a lovely fresh start to the day. Sun is out great day for a walk with the dog......so here i am in the office for the day
  8. Hello everyone. Part-timer is back for a bit. Coldest night of autumn so far. Down 2.2c and falling.
  9. I can concur its raining blooming hard as i write this under the canvass. Typical dry spring and we go camping it pours. Looking at the radar its pivoting too. And Dartmouth is in the sweet spot!
  10. Sleet hail and snow here. Its almost may! What could of been if it was january.
  11. Sleet and hail here rattling the windows. Looking good up in Princetown.
  12. Hello all. Back for a one day wonder. Been away with the trials and joys of bringing up a newly toddling toddler. Knackering! Have noted that today could produce some wintery goods in hilly areas, mind you last time I got all excited it went somewhat pear shaped. But its looking like for here as we pass midday colder air will dig in with a wintery mix over the moors with some heavy snow from this evening onwards. Arranged to start work a little later tomorrow so to check out any snow on the higher routes. For my location of a mere 200 metres still a wintery mix rather than full on snow, so a good night for lamppost watching! EDIT: Looks like snow has already started falling on the moors!
  13. Nothing going on here. Higher up always the chance! We were predicted heavy rain but most of it has kept south and West of here. Happy with that as it will keep the windows from rattling. If though the conditions were better suited to snow I'd be singing blue murder that the prize has missed us..again.
  14. Oh heck the easterly wind is set in now for 3 days. Hitting right against the daughters window. Making a right racket. Could be a long 3 nights But an interesting weather set up currently not often we get such a strong wind from the east.
  15. Well it was chilly willy's round here this morning with a stern easterly breeze. Then the sun came out and immediately felt warmer. Then the cloud returned and it's home with the log burner on. Currently 3.5c