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  1. There used to be a time, when it was normal winter weather, no fuss In this modern 'snowflake' world, those times are truly gone Listen, it's still 9c out there, so much for turning significantly colder, it is nowhere near cold enough for anything wintry The forecast has been downgraded from heavy blustery snow showers to isolated sleet / snow showers for Friday I am going back to sleep !!
  2. Plenty of lightning in the North Sea, if anyone has a boat
  3. In Memoriam

    With deep regret, we've lost some Storm Chasers tonight Kelly Williamson, and his driver Randy, was involved in a collision with a new storm chaser - Corbin Jaeger All three sadly died I watched Kelly's live streams often, i've seen him drive injured people to hospital, he helped out a lot during the aftermath of tornado's and severe weather. He was a top bloke. I will miss his storm chases I was in his live stream tonight, and the news was confirmed via phone call to a chaser on the scene, and a phone call to his sister
  4. In Memoriam

    Bill Paxton, only 61, gone so soon I remember at one point he was talking about the possibility of Twister 2 It's grey, and raining, and this Sunday is now covered with sadness
  5. Yes. the possibility of some thunder snow Still, hopeful that the moors of SW at least to get something Wintry on Thursday
  6. If it's game over for January Does not look good for southern Uk Feb.. sun get's stronger, can get snow falling, but getting it to stick around for long becomes increasingly problamatic
  7. local paper is saying bookies predicting a 'heatwave' for Dec 25th http://www.northdevonjournal.co.uk/white-christmas-chances-slim-in-north-devon-as-bookies-predict-december-25-heatwave/story-29983784-detail/story.html they go on to mention what the temperature was 'last' year
  8. In Memoriam

    He was a brilliant weather presenter. C'mon, let's have some snow this winter Remember this?
  9. woohoo, nice loud clap of thunder, my first thunder of 2016 as the cell moves north-east away from here, every lightning strike is making the power fail for about 3 seconds I'm so glad i invested in a UPS, so the computer, monitor, and modem stay up when the power fails
  10. just heard my first thunder of 2016 here, heavy downpour, and the power went out for a few seconds
  11. Tropical Storm Karl

    the latest sat pictures is interesting tomorrows rain is showing up to the south-west approaches, with a band of cloud arcing back into Karl. Karl still has time to become a hurricane, before it hits much colder water, and then baroclinic effects, it's going to become a post-tropical hurricane
  12. How wonderful, during these hot nights, where sleep is going to be nearly impossible The air fills with bonfire smoke, so i have a choice of closing up all the windows, and getting even hotter, or breathing that in Man, winter can't arrive fast enough Please no more December nights with 17c minimums like we had last year
  13. Once again, masses of strikes in Bay of Biscay, i think all uk storm chasers could chip in, we buy a boat, since we've got more chance of chasing storms over the ocean, than land
  14. s-w outlook from met office currently reads, and i had to double check !! --- Outlook for Friday to Sunday: A dry, warm and sunny day on Friday. Saturday and Sunday bright with outbreaks of heavy and thundery rain. Feeling fresher, but warm in the sunshine. --- It's going be bright & chucking it down !! Has someone been on the slosh? - lol
  15. http://www.eyeballhq.tv/surfcheck/fistralnorth/ High spring tides combined with low pressure Oh lovely, i want to be sitting at those tables now, getting stuck into a Cornish Pasty
  16. checked the latest sat image nasty looking swirl already to the south-west approaches i think this one could pack a punch latest warning from met office, increased winds slightly, to 60mph on very exposed coastlines
  17. here we are, in the dead of night, a little surprise strike over Dartmoor then i checked the radar, and there are some returns down there, one little isolated shower
  18. next time i go storm chasing in this country, it'll be in a boat !! i swear, the storms love to stick to the oceans
  19. This is it now, i feel, right on cue Activity really increasing in Irish Sea, it's really getting going now
  20. It's going again, southern Irish Sea If you're anywhere near Milford Haven now, watch for lightning
  21. sferics now increasing west of Isles of Scilly They will probably go north north east and up the Irish Sea
  22. i check the real-time lightning map, so far all lightning strikes are over the ocean Just to the west of Ireland, and also way out to sea in the Atlantic Be interesting to see how this all evolves now Here, locally, more clouds around now, which is making it feel even more humid It doesn't reach 30c often round these parts
  23. Very frustrating to see all this potential going to waste, as we sit in our 'outside ovens' Scotland take all the snow during the winter, now they are stealing our storms as well I blame that Sturgeon person (sorry couldn't find the ranting thread)
  24. Just come from the BBC One forecast after the news Northern parts of Northern England / Borders / Scotland for any storm action now, if that forecast was right
  25. Southern England & East Anglia are out of the warning area. It's very broad yellow area going right up to the northern isles of Scotland !! A hard chase, because where are the storms going to be? Maybe initial development in Wales, with storms moving NE With no warning down South, i guess they expect it all to be home-grown storms then, no chance of Imports