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  1. as usual over in the mad place, they look for the return of heat, even long before the cooler spell arrives same in winter, but opposite, we finally get a cold snap, people already looking for the mild, before the cold arrives imby perspective ahead met office website has this, strong west / north west winds setup on Monday, and go on through the week becoming west / south west at times only 17 or 18c tues through friday certainly no sign of a warm up, at the end of the week probably different for sheltered eastern area's, but i just comment on what it's expected to be like where i am great to live not far from the sea.. keeps things more pleasant, so it seldom get's uncomfortably hot
  2. Met Office made a huge error, with their local forecast currently says: Becoming hot into next week - outlook sunday to tuesday Erm... what? Tourists are going to read that, and think the heatwave is coming back next week ! for my area it says 19c on tues, 17c on wed / thurs
  3. maybe it's different for other parts of the country the mini-heatwave is currently a 2 day affair for me. Sunday and Monday, where it may just scrape into the mid 20's C only those 2 days show the wind from E or NE on Tuesday, the Westerly wind is back - Atlantic influence, and the temperature is fresher again couple days ago, the same chart was showing 27c for Saturday, it's now 21c with a NW wind the 7 day forecast chart on the front of the Met Office website when i change the location to London - yep, it does show heatwave conditions there, but not here
  4. let's ramp up, the not as hot as expected party !! just over 24 hours ago, the Met O 7 day, had me down for 27 / 28 at the weekend it's now 22 / 24 at the weekend much better in terms of comfort, the tourist's still have something to enjoy, but we can all still sleep at night i don't understand those, who want 'oven' conditions 24/7 in a country where homes do not have A/C
  5. the current conditions feel way more comfortable, and my rant is about everyone always obsessed with temperature last thurs / fri, for central and eastern parts, social media was filled with people begging for rain and storms to come why? humidity... it was so bad, people could not do normal everyday tasks so for future heatwaves, can we have a little more focus on how humid it's going to be, because that effects people more than the actual air temperature
  6. with the cooler air only just arrived, some people are already looking for the next heatwave well, some people might just be enjoying this return to 'normal' once again, max temps are forecast around 8c higher in London, compared to my location for the end of next week i can't stand the lamestream media always talking about the baking heat in the south-east, as if it's the entire Uk merely warm, and low 70's, and that's fine, i'll take that
  7. some nice steady rain coming down... ahhh, lovely. hoping this will reduce the pollen count a little. maybe after 15 days of my eyes badly affected, i need some relief
  8. something is brewing down in bay of biscay, western france could be in for quite a light show tonight, if they move north t'will be an uncomfortable night for sleeping for sure
  9. getting hot under the collar, when tv people sitting in A/C studio's are grinning whilst talking about the heatwave and how lovely it is they don't get, that homes in the Uk don't have A/C - as the humidity increases over the weekend, the nights will get increasingly uncomfortable it's just as serious for the homeless, the very young / old, people with hayfever or asthma, as the cold weather was back in February so no, not everyone is having a wonderful time, i'm sure school kids that are sitting in stuffy classrooms during the day, having to wear uniform, are staring out the window thinking 'wish i could enjoy it' of course, by the time the summer holidays start, the pattern will have changed
  10. for those that can't stand the heat, best hope is the atlantic hurricane season to start, and help wake up the atlantic then maybe we stand a chance of a return to normality
  11. it's my view they are obsessed with temperature on tv weather forecasts, and rarely mention the humidity levels what people have noticed, 30c with very low humidity feels way more comfortable than 19c humid and muggy bad news at least for the south-west, becoming more humid over the weekend not looking forward to that, i'll enjoy it while the comfort lasts.. if i forget about the hayfever, after 9 days of a bloodshot, always watering eye i'm sorta getting used to it
  12. with all the talk about how high the temperatures will be, there is a lack of talk about humidity values 25c with low humidity, probably feels more pleasant than 19c with high humidity how it feels... but that night time minimum of 16c next Friday, is a worrying trend
  13. cold in the winter, people can put more layers on. With the heat / humidity it can be difficult to escape from, unless you can afford a long trip to the far NW of Scotland this is where A/C makes all the difference i've got a wet sponge over my eye, which has been sore, watering and irritating me now for 5 days solid... and there is nothing to lower the pollen levels, and that is with taking hayfever medication Can't say i'm looking forward to the prospect of sleepless nights. Long duration heatwave especially with what it get's like in London, with the underground becoming an oven. The risk of social unrest, and hospital admissions... it's all getting a bit worrying
  14. got a personal space cooler for just over 30 quid. Put some chilled water from the fridge into it, and maybe some ice. I'm good to go, the humid muggy crap, got nothing on me now
  15. why do the met office keep mentioning severe storms today. i think the amber warning was over the top it's not as bad as Saturday evening / night i know they are concerned about the slow moving showers and storms they don't mean 'severe' as in USA Plain's style supercells radar or lightning maps, don't look that impressive to me i guess, the Uk version of severe storm, is standard but slow moving storms, dumping a lot of rain, and causing flash flooding Many places are of course, missing them completely
  16. very bizarre, i've got bright moonlight, also a storm nearby, with bright flashes, and rumbling thunder
  17. rumbles of thunder heard... it's coming !!
  18. met office 7 day forecast surely must be computer generated, this morning it shows for my area today - drizzle 19c, tomorrow cloudy 20c, monday cloudy 18c, tuesday cloudy 19c, wed cloudy 18c, thurs cloudy 16c, fri cloudy 16c i know it'll still feel muggy, but WTF !! - not even 70f
  19. who is right, some people on here, or the 7 day chart on the Met Office website I've just run through up to next Monday, for both my local area, and then i looked at London Wind direction seems mostly NE, temperatures don't seem to get too high, even London Max 25c - Sun/Mon Humidity values remain low, i've seen percentages as low as 40's and 50's percent Doesn't really sound much like a sweat box to me
  20. Friggin 4c and heavy rain, may as well get warm rain Imagine this setup but with colder air, Dartmoor & Exmoor would get buried again, look at that radar
  21. Liscombe was reporting 1c, with red blob on the radar around the Tiverton area, this could get interesting for folks with some altitude
  22. Only patches left.. never seen so many icicles. So things going back to normal, higher temperatures tomorrow, should complete the thaw
  23. lamp-post confirms snowing again in Torrington, time to enjoy another round, before the drip drip starts in the morning
  24. Amazing how just 20 - 30 minutes of the 'big' flakes, can turn the landscape white, when it was not sticking at all before Great scenes, just staring up at the sky, can see those big flakes way up there, making their way down, and all swirling about in the wind