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  1. Steve Murr, has appeared around here, now i'm getting interested, getting into the reliable time frame, but i've never pressed F5 so often for a while
  2. I still think there will be a little evaporating of some snow, at least for places that don't get a good base cover Frost yesterday morning, but it disappeared as soon as the Sun hit it Considering the carnage that follows a little wintry spell, i think the infra-structure of the Uk, is about to get testing big time, from the weather
  3. Looking at some of those wind-chill values, time to crack out the t-shirt & shorts. heh Watch out for the post-people - postal workers next week, strolling around in their shorts Talk about freezing flesh
  4. The news is 'beasterly' this morning, but then i check those Met Office 5 days forecasts, can only find a hint of 50 percent of light snow in a few places for Mon / Tues / Wed next week.. not very useful when it comes to making plans, as people looking at those 7 day forecasts, will think it'll stay mostly dry !!
  5. maybe consider a slight change to 'here comes the beast' - just add a '?' on the end It may be going a tad Pete Tong, but hey, it'll be Spring soon. hehe
  6. ok, i tell myself to relax.. some sort of cold is still coming People that are expecting 'day after tomorrow' kind of setup, may have to lower their expectation bar a little
  7. have the wheels started to come off, that is why the champers were on ice I think even the Met Office went too soon, with the hype, and talk of the 'beast' The High from the North, sinks the Beast from the East
  8. Looking at Met O, local forecast. Wind Chill Feels Like Temp for next Mon, despite lots of Sunshine Max Temp 3C Feels like temp between -4 and -8c Brisk Easterly winds, gusting into the low 30's
  9. I hear people screaming 'winter wonderland' and stuff, well, i'll get interested when this stuff is t+96 or less The problem is, it soon won't be winter anymore, yeah, there is a chance for this winter to go out with a bang My Champer's remains on ice for now Hopefully, by this time next week.. the Champer's won't need the fridge !!
  10. can you imagine what the daily express headlines are going to be?
  11. is liam dutton reading the mod thread?, his latest tweet, is about caution
  12. Day After Tomorrow, just came on the telly... that's scuppered the cold blast !!
  13. The time could be coming close.. to finally be able to hype... The Beast from the East With the Met O forecast now mentioning the possibility of significant snowfalls, but still a lot of uncertainty, about where Maybe for once, this one won't go down the sh.....oo-hole
  14. Slightly take back, my previous post, there is light snow falling out there... but not settling Shame it's not an active weather front, and not some weak little thing
  15. snow-ma-geddon, has now turned into a nothing burger The fizzling front, will bring patchy drizzle tomorrow morning. Max of 8c by Thursday, and again Sat / Sun - with some light rain around Hardly, a very wintry themed week Makes Daily Express style headlines, of 'killer cold' - OMG - it's beyond a joke
  16. Hmm, the graphic on the met office website changes from snow, to sleet and back to snow again for Tuesday If lucky, maybe a chance to make a 'sleet-man' - if it's possible. The MAD thread, i ain't going in there for a while
  17. Same old story, get excited for next week, when that's not going to happen, it's back to the long range Now, get excited about the second half of February The carrot is always dangled, it's never reached... as soon as you get close, the carrot is moved further away
  18. Total Pantz right now. It's around 4c, chucking down with rain for most of the night On Radar, i see reds and purples up over Dartmoor, maybe they got a surprise up there, surely colder than lower down Still, interesting times ahead, and this front today is stalling !!
  19. Met Office regional forecast, currently saying cloudy on Tuesday with outbreaks of snow, with rain near the coasts Be interesting to see, if they continue to go with that, or changes over time
  20. Storm Georgina - Atlantic Storm 7

    check the radar, look at that squall line, that's developed ahead of the front Still early, lots of people not awake yet... but it's going to get lively out there, first thing !!
  21. Chivenor still at 9c Cold... my backside !! At this rate, sleet is probably the best on offer, for the Moors Winds never make round to the NW down here, just West, backing South-West for Wed night's storm That wind direction is bad... for the white stuff
  22. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    6:30 BBC Weather forecast, she showed 87mph gust, west Ireland, pretty close to Galway Then she said 'storm force gusts' Well, Hurricane force gusts really. lol
  23. checking out the radar this morning what is that to the south-west approaches looks like a big round eye !!
  24. Storm Dylan - Atlantic Storm 4

    a 24 hour train strike, combined with Storm Dylan (downgraded or not) I think there could be a lot of fed up people out there
  25. Forget the snow down here, look at the lightning charts !! A lot of activity currently in the Plymouth area