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  1. got a personal space cooler for just over 30 quid. Put some chilled water from the fridge into it, and maybe some ice. I'm good to go, the humid muggy crap, got nothing on me now
  2. why do the met office keep mentioning severe storms today. i think the amber warning was over the top it's not as bad as Saturday evening / night i know they are concerned about the slow moving showers and storms they don't mean 'severe' as in USA Plain's style supercells radar or lightning maps, don't look that impressive to me i guess, the Uk version of severe storm, is standard but slow moving storms, dumping a lot of rain, and causing flash flooding Many places are of course, missing them completely
  3. very bizarre, i've got bright moonlight, also a storm nearby, with bright flashes, and rumbling thunder
  4. rumbles of thunder heard... it's coming !!
  5. met office 7 day forecast surely must be computer generated, this morning it shows for my area today - drizzle 19c, tomorrow cloudy 20c, monday cloudy 18c, tuesday cloudy 19c, wed cloudy 18c, thurs cloudy 16c, fri cloudy 16c i know it'll still feel muggy, but WTF !! - not even 70f
  6. who is right, some people on here, or the 7 day chart on the Met Office website I've just run through up to next Monday, for both my local area, and then i looked at London Wind direction seems mostly NE, temperatures don't seem to get too high, even London Max 25c - Sun/Mon Humidity values remain low, i've seen percentages as low as 40's and 50's percent Doesn't really sound much like a sweat box to me
  7. Friggin 4c and heavy rain, may as well get warm rain Imagine this setup but with colder air, Dartmoor & Exmoor would get buried again, look at that radar
  8. Liscombe was reporting 1c, with red blob on the radar around the Tiverton area, this could get interesting for folks with some altitude
  9. Only patches left.. never seen so many icicles. So things going back to normal, higher temperatures tomorrow, should complete the thaw
  10. lamp-post confirms snowing again in Torrington, time to enjoy another round, before the drip drip starts in the morning
  11. Amazing how just 20 - 30 minutes of the 'big' flakes, can turn the landscape white, when it was not sticking at all before Great scenes, just staring up at the sky, can see those big flakes way up there, making their way down, and all swirling about in the wind
  12. here, there was some overnight, that readily settled. Roofs had a good covering first light this morning. then dry for a few hours, even a glimpse of the sun, snow on roofs largely disappeared, then snow returned small flakes to start with, has now turned to proper big flakes and coming down hard, surfaces turning white again
  13. the darn streetlights going off at this time, is no problem, just set up your own lamp, and point that sucker out there got a nice covering on my window sill, and i can see the flakes fluttering past the window
  14. beast from the east, somehow manages to lightly skip some more eastern areas, but delivers further west Ahh well, count the number of times, we miss out, and other area's get pasted. Nice to have something different for a change I can't believe i'm lamp-post watching, when it's an Amber
  15. snow init !! - and not even amber warning until tomorrow, i read it, they are talking about wet snow, potentially heavy and lasting for much of the day across the south-west. The wet snow could bring down power lines / branches... i didn't realise it was that heavy
  16. very bad, I slipped and cricked my neck. freezing put down a coating of ice, then more snow. Freezing rain, this is where u walk on snow, the apparent bare patches of pavement are skating rinks (western super mare)
  17. national express coaches terminating at Bristol due to red warning. Coach driver not happy that he heard it from passengers
  18. the clear triangle in the south, i think is because it's a feature bringing more prolonged snow, that moving down from ne to sw, and gradually weakening as it comes, look at the shape of the amber warning Some places are going to get 25cm+ and some places are going to get ziltch... that kinda week
  19. The mod thread *ahhh facepalm* Still got some days of interesting to weather to come, even if by the end of next weekend, any snow get's confined to the Scottish mountains
  20. Think i'll head up to the north-east, and have snow-gasm there, then head back down at the end of the week, to perhaps the biggest Blizzard the south-west has had since 1979 !! Ohhh, i can dream !!
  21. darn it, drat, and blast. I thought deep cold air would be hard to shift, but the end of next week / going into the weekend, will be a test High Reward / High Risk Kinda like betting on a Spurs game
  22. Steve Murr, has appeared around here, now i'm getting interested, getting into the reliable time frame, but i've never pressed F5 so often for a while
  23. I still think there will be a little evaporating of some snow, at least for places that don't get a good base cover Frost yesterday morning, but it disappeared as soon as the Sun hit it Considering the carnage that follows a little wintry spell, i think the infra-structure of the Uk, is about to get testing big time, from the weather
  24. Looking at some of those wind-chill values, time to crack out the t-shirt & shorts. heh Watch out for the post-people - postal workers next week, strolling around in their shorts Talk about freezing flesh