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  1. just been out. It's Hellva windy, there are dustbin lids flying, and quite large pieces of litters being blown around. Real proper gusts, with roaring sounds. Maybe should have gotten an amber out of this
  2. today has started at -3c. Just as low as my lowest night minimum from this past winter. Hard frost
  3. bye winter, hello winter. end of the week, we lose the sun by day, and the day max's go low, as the night temp's stay low 3 consecutive nights of the temp getting down to +1 / 0c by dawn (just as cold as the recent cold spell for me) - except lack of wind. Very white frosts to start each day as well, before the sun got to work on it and in the forecast, they say "turning colder" - but it's already cold
  4. yellow rain warning for Dartmoor is now Friday 9am until Sunday Noon - going to be some big problems i reckon. If only all this had come during the cold air... would have gotten buried, if it had all come down as snow
  5. talking of extremes, i still remember a mid-december night about 3 years ago. the typical very mild setup, long drawn southerly from Africa. very moist air, it was cloudy day/night with a lot of misty drizzle. One night minimum was 17c. I was beside myself with frustration. Cold air fan on, hard to sleep. bad enough on a summers night, but in mid-December !! following day, the temp did not move, stayed at 17c
  6. for Sat 20th, possibly quite a lot of sunshine, and 14c, bit of a contrast to what we've had lately. Should be feeling spring-like
  7. example of a dying weather front. The Bright yellow & oranges on the radar are forever to my south-west and never arrive It's light rain/sleet fairly constant, and the sun is trying to poke through the cloud layer
  8. probably my last moan for a while, so disappointed. Got a bit of light snow this morning, even the roofs turned just a little white has already turned to drizzle, and the white on the roofs is already disappearing and there goes the cold spell... nothing really, apart from cold & windy. Did not see any frost, because too windy i sum up the winter for me, two disappointing cold spells. 2.5 weeks of cold started on Dec 24th, the only snow was some big wet flakes in the early hours of a Sunday morning, before it all turned to rain and this latest one (see above) roll on, the warmer weather now, i'm fed up
  9. the cold spell is ending... maybe with something happening. I'm showing snow or rain symbols later this morning with the temp at 0c it could be snow, it could be freezing rain !! - this is going to be an interesting weekend, with the weather across the Uk
  10. 0/10 for snow - nothing (to be expected at my location) - caught a couple bits of sleet in some precipitation, during the early hours of this AM) 5/10 for cold - it's been fairly bone chilling with that strong wind. The night of the 10th Feb, the wind chill outside was -9c Very Dry... not much happened
  11. 13c now being forecasted here for Monday, they keep ramping the temps up so much for "the cold air will be hard to budge"
  12. the radar is now trolling... i've been watching with a spotlight outside... even some cyan colours on the radar came overhead. Just the odd white speck blowing in the wind.. nothing more than that. Ahhhh blast it... not even a light dusting Ohh i may add, since it's put out the glass bottles night today... the entire town is alive... to the sounds, of empty glass bottles being blown around in the very gusty winds
  13. not getting any snow, is one thing, but the tease is bad. checked the radar... a large area of decent precip is in the south-west approaches, and will sadly, never arrive. Weather systems never stall like that, when it's mild and all rain though
  14. cold spell will be over for the south-west by next Monday, or a little before. 10c now being forecasted here, for next Monday a hellava wind chill outside, under clear starry skies
  15. wait a minute, it's not supposed to be yellow, until it's been on the ground for a while well this is exciting for me, around 3 days of cold, and maybe one ice day, but no prospects of snow, other than maybe a real light flurry.. i hope for the milder air again soon.. and save on those heating bills
  16. i just had a giggle sorry.. was checking out the Met O forecast for Princetown, Dartmoor - next Thursday 6am, a thunder and lightning symbol.. with the temperature at 0c - Thunder Snow !! - yeah, i know, it's computer generated output
  17. showing back up to 5c on Thursday with a chance of a light rain shower, after 3 days of grey, max of 1 or 2c, and not a snow symbol to be seen. As expected, was not expecting anything here, just a short dry cold spell. Lowest overnights no lower than -2 It's probably been over-hyped
  18. a hint of concern, as the GFS wobbles a bit, following the weather in the USA. Those deep lows are sure to fire up the Atlantic, i'm not sure any cold Easterlies can be maintained. My money would be on the Atlantic to win, in the end Just enjoy what you get... if you get anything
  19. could always hope for south corrections, get some good Lows moving through the Channel, like the good 'ol days, and keep southern England, in the cold easterlies, but then, that may make people mad up north, as it misses them
  20. from this weirdo, who is also from the SW. I'm feeling the ramp mood today. Red Warnings from Met O, next week? I think could be a possibility
  21. The trouble of high risk / high reward is being on the wrong side. Last Sunday, it rained for hours, with the temp stuck at 1c Not expecting anything, so won't end up disappointed
  22. Looks total pantz for the south-west - staying mild longest. Snow really builds up across North-Central-North-East Scotland Low eventually comes south, and brings the cold air with it, some snow coming south, with east winds, most of the snow will of course be over in the East
  23. according to Met Office auto weather, it's 1c, it's nothing but pure rain here, can't even see a hint of sleet in it
  24. early hours of last sunday, when the air was (just) cold enough for a bit of wet snow, the precip band was narrow and fragmented. Of course, this evening, with the temp at 8c, the incoming band, is massively wide, and persistent... back to the soggy land, and a land of drips. The gutters drip a lot outside, and a drain is blocked outside
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