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  1. a warning about people making assumptions. we've just been through a winter that was very different to the previous one. some people, seem to be expecting this summer (hoping maybe) that it will repeat again it may be possible ('75, '76) - but it's very rare. Easter means nothing, because in previous years, Easter was in March.. so pushing it back to mid-April this year, of course there is a greater chance is it being warm. Meanwhile, the feels like temperature for here today is no higher than 3c, and wind gusts of up to 47mph are expected during Monday
  2. pet peeves. people throw around the word 'benign' as if it's a good thing. instant switch off. I'll experience benign, after i've stopped breathing no action, no excitement, nothing of interest happening. then there is the obsession with what the conditions are going to be like for Easter. I couldn't give a stuff. Holiday time tends to bring the silly people outdoors as well, and i stay out of it... and i stay happy that way
  3. Rooftops were a little white at first this morning, mostly hail. Met Office forecast going for snow falling on tops of the Moors tonight
  4. The cold air, isn't done at this time of year. The wind had a real bite to it today. Feel like temp only 2c, and many of the showers had hail in them. Even the lighter showers
  5. quite the change coming, according to met office website, been looking at 'feels like' temps (wind chill) even here, showing no more than 2 or 3c through Tuesday and Wednesday. fresh wind - WNW, veering NNW
  6. i went out just after 7am this morning, it was flippin freezing, in thick fog Sun broke though, and i headed for the coast, where the fog was lingering around, so i went from increasingly warm sunshine, back into the cold fog what is potentially coming for next week, is flippin typical.. what we needed back in Jan/Feb - a cold blast
  7. so water shortages and stand pipes in 1976... no-one mentioned climate change.. it was caused by two dry summer's in a row
  8. glad there is better weather coming.. it's vile... another band of heavy rain... rain is dripping into my loft. lost tiles.. some damage has been done these past few weeks
  9. Forest closed as winds up to 70mph bring down 'exceptional number' of trees in Devon https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/forest-closed-winds-up-70mph-2629210
  10. despite talk of day after tomorrow in the Mad thread, the local south-west tv forecast was just on. He mentioned some snow going on up north.. but for this region... not even a mention of wintry for the moors Max's of 10 to 12c everyday next week too
  11. some notes about today. The air had a real bite to it, especially in a gusty wind. It felt much colder than it has for some time, one week ago, was t-shirt shorts weather. some good updraught towers going off during the afternoon. It was brief, but got caught in some hail in Bideford.. fairly big sized too
  12. if it was really going to be that bad, then Met Office would have upgraded to Amber. you can't say Met Office have won on anything yet, since it's yet to happen for my location they are forecasting nothing higher than a 54mph gust, and i doubt it'll reach that. seen stronger winds a number of times earlier this winter
  13. looking at the radar, that first band of rain may have been over-forecast a tad. sure, there is a narrow band.. but not a broad band of heavy rain
  14. grown accustomed to waking up to bright sunshine. This morning, is grey and damp. The change has arrived
  15. yeah, the weather has gone nuts.. we may as well enjoy it. from sunbathing to snow in the space of a week... well you never know
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