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  1. stripeyfox - yes, same, for a long time, always having to go up there and check every time it rains This low is really taking shape.. i took a look at the Sat image, it looks vicious already. A deep band of convection, and sferics already showing up
  2. Could be a serious one, and they are only half done with my roof. Boardmasters: Weather safety fears cancel music festival https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-49259812
  3. For Uk Storm Chasers, the song of choice should now be: Donald where's ya trousers !! Nearly all the friggin storms this year, have been up in Bonnie Scotland
  4. great, got builders half way through re-doing my roof, and we're going to get heavy showers / storms and strong winds
  5. Nope, you gotta be careful with that, false readings, Blitz has a more realistic graphic of lightning strikes. Far south-east corner, and if the rest in the channel dies, the only option left, is home-grown. The CAP is very strong
  6. if they survive the trip across the channel, it's all eyes on Bognor !!
  7. someone said it'll start just after 9pm - and boom - something is lighting up in the channel, unless it's false readings
  8. guess a lot of people in the Uk, won't be sleeping tonight, unless they have A/C would be nice to think that heat and humidity is all you need, but ingredients need to come together to make storms. Not sure about this, not looking as good as it did 24 hours ago
  9. whatever was in the channel seems to have died, in terms of lightning strikes.. maybe it comes back to life. Not really seeing a lot happening, but maybe stuff will kick off during the evening
  10. Yes, but reading the full text of the forecast: "Thunderstorms will become more widespread, with the risk of hail, gust winds and some heavy rain bursts. Becoming drier later, but low cloud will roll in from the west." i think they will put up warnings this morning
  11. really bizarre, latest Met Office text forecast for south-west england, risk of storms by late afternoon, becoming more widespread tonight, and yet... no warnings !! - not even a yellow
  12. guys, read PJB's post on ukww - posted latest convective outlook. upgrade, and pink box !! - this really has potential to be something, and nothing currently from Met O
  13. Met Office currently playing down any storm chances, and no warnings, i'm having my roof re-done at the moment, i have some large holes in my roof - i'm going to be jaffa cakesed, if those storms turn up
  14. Met Office playing down storm chances at the moment, no warnings at all, after the yellow rain for West Scotland today South-west local forecast is only passing mention of an isolated storm... but looking in the storm convective thread, it seems there is a good chance
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