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  1. dire winter, just scraped a few flakes in a shower last week, otherwise nothing. some frost last november before winter began two harsh frost nights in January, where frost stayed in shade all day. otherwise mild, wet, windy
  2. we have a sting jet folks ! - Giuseppe Petricca on twitter
  3. awful stuff for a winter that never delivered what is being hinted at the moment. Real snow only for high ground. Maybe sleet or slushy deposits lower down, that even the Met Office mention will quickly melt tomorrow morning Then we're back to wind & rain again... for all. Bring on the Spring now. Had enough
  4. mostly hail showers today, but some wet flakes made it down here, in a shower this afternoon
  5. Fort William 5c heavy rain /ice pellets, with gale force winds all day. Hardly any rest from the showers. Not good for taking photos. The good news, just travel to higher ground and see Shaw. Some good accumulations in places. I am starting to like high ground
  6. regarding public transport getting cancelled under a yellow warning. I think it's because the Met O has named this storm. more media hype drummed up, so some people think there is pretty much a hurricane coming. This coming in a winter, when the Met O has mostly refused to name any low pressure systems
  7. to me this isn't rocket science. Deep Low passes just to the North of Scotland, strongest of the wind is normally on the southern Flank, so central belt / South Scotland. If a deep low was crossing the centre of Ireland, and across Northern England, then i'd expect the south coast to get the highest winds. Unless they are seeing something different this time.. the current warnings leave me perplexed
  8. i can confirm the trains from Glasgow to Oban are all cancelled on Sunday and at least the first half of Monday. Reasons given on ScotRail website, was due to severe weather Only a yellow warning, currently there. Surely, there is Amber incoming
  9. If this is rapidly turning into a non-event... Friggin ScotRail have the Glasgow to Oban trains already cancelled through all of Sunday, and into Monday as well,
  10. Met Office Yellow Warning, if you look at the impact matrix graphic, the tick is down the bottom, next to 'unlikely' They are playing it safe with the blanket warning, and then refine the warning later on, expect some areas to be removed from the warning, but maybe an amber upgrade for other areas
  11. not overlooking. very high spring tides due next week
  12. i booked a trip up to NW Uk - even if these deep lows go Pete Tong... well i was looking forward to a vacation anyways
  13. just watched David B (spotlight weather) - not very hopeful... maybe some wintry showers above 150-200m greatest risk overnight and tomorrow morning... back up to 12c by end of the week
  14. just peeked into the model thread. Steve Murr has officially given up on this winter... on Jan 5th Dear o Dear
  15. Shame on David Braine for using the 'at least it will be mild' expression. I know he's a mild ramper, but in the run up to Christmas, people would like to see something seasonal. Under wind & rain, it won't feel so mild anyways, windchill. But he seems to think that people will take some comfort... ohh it's going to be horrible, but at least it won't be cold
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