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  1. snowing on Portland, I was not expecting this?! Forecast to warm up later , how likely is this ?
  2. Unfortunately were on a communal system and the whole estate is down. Nobody can gain access to the plant room, and the breakdown service is unavailable. So looks like we're cold until the thaw starts
  3. worst conditions I've ever experienced on Portland. Everything is covered in a thick layer of ice, and it' the first time I've ever seen icicles here! No heating or hot water , I think I've had my snow fix now ?
  4. Does anyone else get really wound up by Facebook posts saying it's not going to snow or is that it ? I'm like arghhh lol I'm praying Portland sees some heavy stuff later so I don' look like a total nutter!
  5. Long time Portland lurker here and happy to report we have snow !! I do question my sanity sometimes, getting on 37 and I've had 3 hours sleep due to snow excitement ?
  6. Being on Portland I can say this should be a red warning ! I'm right next to the beach and it's bloody scary out there
  7. Flood sirens going off now , it's the most awful siren ! It's like we're about to be bombed
  8. Thankyou cakie were now cut off from the mainland again ! Beach road flooded , waves overtopping the beach
  9. Here comes the flooding were now cut off from the mainland for the second time in less than two weeks ! Waves overtopping the beach
  10. Mental here on Portland ! Scary winds , severe flood warning for us tonight
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