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  1. Guess what? ECM goes North!
  2. The GFS has just as much of a chance of verifying as the other models. Let’s not throw the toys out of the pram just yet. The cold hasn’t even arrived yet.
  3. UKMO goes South, GFS goes North. Swings and roundabouts. Either way we’re in for a fascinating spell. The Easterly is coming! It’s time to get excited folks.
  4. Are we still looking good for snow next week then? With all the IMBYism and bed wetting in the MOD thread this morning it has been extremely confusing for those of us who cannot read weather charts.
  5. Which areas of the country are most favourable for snow on the ECM?
  6. Just reading the MOD thread. GFS 12z not as good as previous runs but comments made by bluearmy and Captain Shortwave implying that the model still shows the NE of Eng being hardest hit by the snow.
  7. Notice how in the METO 6-15 day forecast from overnight they have dropped the Southern bias and put an emphasis on “these (snow showers) will be heaviest and most frequent in central and eastern areas and some spells of more prolonged snow are possible at times, particularly in the East”. This Beast from the East is being upgraded by the minute; it looks fantastic for our region.
  8. This is getting bloody ridiculous now. Each morning I wake up expecting downgrades but the models are just not having none of it. I've waited so long to see another 09/10; never did I think I could see it in my lifetime again after subsequent winters. When do you think it's safe to warn colleagues, friends and families without the risk of it being jinxed? And surely it's only a matter of time before the authorities and government warn people through work and the media. Exciting times.
  9. This sounds very encouraging for us. Fingers crossed.
  10. Latest MO long ranger is bloody brilliant, another upgrade! Think we could inform some very wintry scenes next week, I’m still resisting the urge to tell everyone. I know the MO continue to reference South, East and Central parts but I reckon this includes us. Let’s not forget this forecast is meant to be for the whole of the British Isles. So whereas the wintry blasts earlier on in the winter favoured the West this looks like it will indeed favour us.
  11. Morning folks. Been following this forum for many a year and this is the most excitement I’ve seen from even the most knowledgeable posters. Over the last couple of days there’s just been upgrade after upgrade with each run; something tells me that we may actually finally hit the jackpot. May we all get our snow fix. Bring it on!!!
  12. Now then folks, it looks like we could be on the cusp of something special. Finally, our region and those counties on the eastern side of the country may be in the sweet spot for snow. Born in 1992 the only really memorable winters I’m able to properly remember are 08/09 and 09/10; what’s the possibility of the forthcoming cold spell being just as memorable?
  13. Forgetting about Day7/15/La La Land what are the charts showing for the Northerly early next week?
  14. Forget the second Northerly based on one set of runs? *rolls eyes* Why do folk take it as a given every time the charts don't show what we want?