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  1. Amazing blizzard conditions here again, wind is very impressive. Huge drifts just like the last Easterly.
  2. Only 1/2 inches here but can't complain this winter has been phenomenal. We've had everything. Blizzards, drifts, extreme wind chills by BI standards. It's been a good'un. Do we have anymore snow forecast today? It's still snowing now mind. Roads look treacherous. Stay safe folks.
  3. Ran out of words, this is bloody mental. The snow machine has well and truly been switched on. It’s laying, pretty quickly.
  4. Yes this is bloody impressive. Visibility looks very poor.
  5. Blizzard conditions all morning here in Stockton. Total whiteout conditions. Promising signs for later this evening and tonight.
  6. It’s starting to get going here in the South of the region. Just drove into Stockton from Boro and showers are really pepping up leaving a good coating on most surfaces.
  7. Got the feeling this region is going to do very well Saturday and Sunday. Met Office 5 day forecast has significantly upgraded just now for my neck of the woods. Heavy/light snow between 6am and 1pm tomorrow then heavy light snow Saturday evening into Sunday. Bring it on!
  8. This looks good for the NE again. Could be in the sweet spot like last time out.
  9. Hmm this might not be as bad as first thought? Looks like it has upgraded again.
  10. So just like the last Beast from the East things are upgrading nearer to the time. What a winter this has been. Time to dust off those sledges again that we only put away the other week!
  11. Wow, here’s me thinking we were done for winter. This one has come out from nowhere hasn’t it? Beast from the East part 2?
  12. Light snow flurry in Boro. Roads are still treacherous. Reckon the snow on the ground will not be going anywhere anytime soon.
  13. Sky has turned that orangey colour here and wind is still making its presence known.
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