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  1. Not overly convinced as the showers seem to be breaking up really easily when they get near the coast :/ Not sure why!
  2. What are your thoughts on our chances for the rest of the day mate? Doesn't seem to be much in the way of showers forming.
  3. Whats the set up today? More showers through coastal areas? Metoffice has me down for heavy snow tonight but none during the day??
  4. That's what I keep trying to tell my self haha, hopefully we will get a good covering!
  5. Hi all, Anyone else in Suffolk concerned about the lack of precipitation? I mean I realise that steamers etc will form, but when you look at met office etc it doesn't show much at all. Just a bit of light snow. Wondering if the winds need to be more NE then E for us to benefit? Surely the METO would pick up on shower activity and will have detailed charts with convection rates etc?
  6. Had about an hour now of very heavy rain and lightning, although it seems to be dieing down a bit.
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