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  1. Yep very heavy in Tonbridge for the last half hour. Depth building nicely. Temp -1.2c in my back garden.
  2. Tonbridge seems to be in the sweet spot for once. It's a white wonderland outside and the showers keep piling in. Not seen this much snow for a few years.
  3. Please make it rain! Or better make it winter.
  4. I was there too, and it was wonderful. My job was to keep the open fires going day and night. We built an igloo that lasted for weeks. Thick ice on the inside of the windows in the morning, Out on the sledge most days. Not nostalgia; I simply love cold weather! Bring on the easterly.
  5. Temperature dropping steadily now. From max of 8 earlier to 6.6 now.
  6. Please make it rain......... I am ticking off the days until the start of winter. Perhaps I am odd, but whenever I say that I do not like hot sunny weather people look at me as some sort of mad person. I can't believe I am alone in disliking hot weather...am I?
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