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  1. Surely this is a sign it's going happen look closely at the zoomed in picture snowshill??
  2. Okay guys the post was directed at the rudeness (ie) JOKE at the start of the post that is what i was trying to highlight please move on from this its glogging up the thread lets move on.
  3. Yep i know he is a cold ramper and got some wrong some right like most meteorologists will do in there career but to call him a Joke just because teleconnections state otherwise i just don't agree with that one bit.
  4. Not nice calling a professional paid meteorologist a joke just because your teleconnections says otherwise they have been wrong before and will be wrong again that's the same man who predicted the eastern USA big freeze over a month before it happened nobody is right or wrong until Feb is over play nice.
  5. Yea but it's further South on this run than 00z so it is a correction South. Out of models it had low further north on 00z.
  6. Met Eireann going for that runner further South hope there right. WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Winds many ease a bit but there will be further wintry showers in the west and north and there could be some more prolonged rain or snow for a time overnight Wednesday in some midland and southern counties.
  7. No not just Scotland many others including N Ireland & that's the mean thing.
  8. Monday cold air not embedded it Tuesday morning onwards the fun begins.
  9. North of Ireland buried. And many other locations.
  10. Inland areas not have laying snow especially us in Ireland & North West??
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