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  1. It's cold here at the moment but our chances of snow are zero, by this time tomorrow it will be mild and damp.
  2. Very cold here and windy also but dry, current temp 4C, I'd say for us down here to see snow the rest of the country would have to be buried in it.
  3. Yes a great GFS 06Z but I await the ECM later on today and also the next run of the GFS will be interesting, if the high in mid Atlantic intensifies at 141 hours out on the later runs then we're in business but it's a big if at the moment.


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  5. It's a long way off at this stage and we can only look at the models last Thursday week showing a very good easterly for the following week only for it to never materialise. I would take these latest outputs with a pinch of salt.
  6. It's a while since I posted on this site, the model runs have been all over the place these past few days, that Scandi high will have a say yet for most of you in the UK.
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