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  1. Seems it will be overnight so hopefully that will lessen any serious impact. Can't see us getting much sleep mind
  2. Snowed on and off yesterday but not much settled. Must have been some beefier showers overnight 2 maybe 3cm. Roads round here are awful doesn't look like much gritting was done, fair few accidents on the main road into Ennis. Tomorrow could be rain could be snow certainly interesting looking at the differences between the models.
  3. Cheeky little 20 minute snow shower just now. Not heavy or long enough to settle but a good start.
  4. Watch out for toys being throw again GFS P isn't looking so good for a certain part of our neighbouring island. Fwiw still looking good for us.
  5. Indeed got more snow than I ever got from a channel low or Thames streamer. At the end of the day it's the weather, nothing anyone can do to change it and throwing toys out of prams is just plain silly and the tantrums are really grating now.
  6. Totally agree with you Mixer and I'm speaking as an ex south easterner. Too much banter and it doesn't flow as well as it used to. Lol at Ronan just now.
  7. Oh dear toys out of prams in mod thread. That wind is fair howling out there tonight.
  8. I do find boards a bit strange. It's very centred on Dublin. I think we're all in with a chance next week but as ever time will tell.
  9. Bank the ECM tonight. Snowfest for the west. https://meteologix.com/ie/model-charts/euro/ireland/snow-depth/20190201-0600z.html
  10. Euro 4 looks quite nice. Like to see the forecast later on. At the extreme end of of Euro 4 I have found in the past it can sometimes overdo the signal.
  11. Still looking good for us Monday into Tuesday. We shall see. Hi Res comes into play from tomorrow but expect changes.
  12. Well I'm under one of those pink blob north of Limerick and just about sleet
  13. Nothing reaching the ground here in the hills of East Clare
  14. Wow that was a lot of snow. About a foot of snow out there and drifts 3 or 4 ft in the lane up to the house. Just waiting for the lads to come up with tractors to feed the cattle and that should clear it up a bit. Haven't needed to get out as we were fully stocked with supplies. Been out clearing paths to the sheds as it's turning slushy in places and if that freezes it will be lethal.
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