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  1. I live up in the Chilterns, did very well in December but a little concerned of missing out on all the fun this time round. Would a Thames streamer go this far north??
  2. I love you tight! What does ‘flactuate’ mean?! Variable flatulence?!
  3. Haha!!! 😂 it’ll be one long average speed zero rather than those damned 50s!!!!
  4. Am I right in thinking that I don’t need to worry about the M4 issue with these charts?!
  5. Amazing day in Holmer Green mr Amersham! Loads of fun building igloos, snowmen and sledging!!! Kids schools closed tomorrow, working from home - now that’s a cracking start to winter!!!
  6. I'm waiting for Steve M's take on things - waaaay too much hair splitting and petty bickering going on to make head or tail of all this!
  7. It's like reading a chuckle brothers autobiography on this thread sometimes!!!! I know it's not model related moderators but honestly how anyone is supposed to learn from this sometimes is beyond me. So many different opinions and interpretations makes it really hard to know what is going on!!!
  8. Cant help but feel so much energy on interpretation is wasted because the models just ain't that good. So much straw clutching throughout the whole winter.
  9. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Snow in amersham, bucks - fair covering but how long will it last before it turns to sleet??? Come on - stay as snow!!!!!!
  10. Just saw the Beebs forecast and tomorrow's ppn across southern England and southeast is showing as rain. Can't see much in terms of snow forecast on the met office app either (for South East anyway). Got a rubbish meeting in central London on Tuesday so was hoping for disruptive snow for Tuesday also!!!!