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  1. The hill we were on was empty so took a few runs to pack down and get some speed up! But good fun and the kids loved it!
  2. Fab snow day, with lots of sledging this afternoon. About 10 cm here near Amersham. Had our fair share this week and last. Hope those that haven’t had any yet get some this evening.
  3. Amber warning just issued !!! Loving it! Can’t sleep - 47 yrs old but feel like 7!!! So exciting
  4. Nick, do you think the Chiltern will be in the firing line? Met office app showing light snow for now about 30mins ago but that has disappeared to be replaced with 6-7 hours of heavy from midnight
  5. Just upgraded on met office site after downgrades through day! About 3 miles above M40 - bring it on!
  6. Do you think there will be much snow in the chilterns tomorrow night?
  7. Is this the right thread for those that live in the Chilterns? (Like me) anyone else from that area?
  8. Great post. So much volatility yet people seem to take what’s showing at D5+ as gospel. Can’t understand it myself
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