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  1. So far today we have had as much rain as we did the whole month of April
  2. Well, it's horrible out there. The weather station has recorded a gust of 67mph Morfa Bychan PORTHMADOG-WEATHER.CO.UK
  3. Radar says rain, nothing falling, wind is howling though
  4. I'm actually in Morfa Bychan with nothing between me and the sea to slow the wind down
  5. Visit my weather station www.porthmadog-weather.co.uk 

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    2. Ian Ballinger

      Ian Ballinger

      Yeah, but there's just something I prefer about the older version, prefer that it's not Web based program 

    3. Mapantz


      I see. I prefer it. I can view the dashboard from any device around the house. It allows for extensive data on the website too, due to being able to upload to SQL data bases.

    4. Ian Ballinger

      Ian Ballinger

      Is it easy to upgrade without losing data

  6. Well it seems to be getting worse on the met office, gusts over 70mph here now
  7. That's the weather warning issued, forecast has me down for 67mph gusts. From previous experience it's normally worse here than forecast
  8. Haha fingers crossed🤞 For anyone who's interested, I've set up a website to see current conditions and historic data, well going back to January Morfa Bychan WWW.PORTHMADOG-WEATHER.CO.UK
  9. Well looks like Wednesday will give the new station a test
  10. Very happy with the new station, just need some weather now
  11. Just finished setting up my old station, not sure if allowed but anyone interested in buying my Aercus WS3083
  12. I have a question, the bubble level is it visible from below the station or only from above?
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