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  1. Just East of Hailsham/Herstmonceux still rain heavyish. Not really anything sleety. Think west of rye to battle and East if Eastbourne in the triangle is the final squeeze of the less cold air. May ah see a couple of wet flakes but even from the BFTE last year we saw only a dusting whereas Eastbourne/Heathfield etc all got good covering. Weather station is broken so no reports of temps but bring just inland a bit from Vg200 probably similar. Please weather gods just deliver something!
  2. Battle - grey dull, wet, constant rain, not heavy, just constant big drops, nothing remotely wintry even at a bit of extra height.
  3. So it has begun, there is now a 'light snow' symbol on the met office website for Sun/Mon at midnight, otherwise cold(ish) and grey. min temp though for this area (nearer the coast) only showing -1 and 5 max, the reality will be any light covering and a clearer sky, much colder into Tuesday. Though as I type its updated to show colder minimum temps to -2 but hourly temps are still showing higher than I would expect. Temps below 3, continental air, low dew points and the cloud symbol means only one thing, time to make sure those lamp-post/outside lights have bulbs. Still restraining
  4. Is that a 6 hour possible Easterly/North easterly at 13 days away.....all predicated on a second system going SE
  5. Crucially crouching and a crushed crucial ligament for the crucial 12z's. Good practice for the impending South downs ski resort that is about to seen....well here is to hoping; though I expect further movements towards each other but with a slightly better orientation and slightly sharper.
  6. its been like living under a stone down here in East Sussex, grey skies, grey drizzle, grey fog, grey mist. not see the sun for days, not had any weather. Not looking forward to a double digit cloudy xmas, but at least should be a bit brighter next week.
  7. I assume it is just a theoretical depth based on the precipitation and the algorithm within the model of mm of water to snow. Then assuming that stuck? Here we did have a light covering for a while, until it turned sleety again and washed most away.
  8. @ManWithbeard - The met office posted this earlier on twitter so as you can see quite a lot of the SE south of London was without a good covering, obviously that doesn't pick up smaller areas with coverings. There was some sporadic small patches around Battle, but only at height, otherwise Battle to Hailsham is clear.
  9. Agree feels colder. Windchill is taking things down a notch. Mybweather station is on the blink, 2.5, I don’t think so. The deck boards are super icy but the trusty pan of water isn’t frozen so not significantly below freezing. Hard frost forming on the damp grass ( no snow left- some settled higher up towards battle but washed away by the rain
  10. Haha. Always sensible. Our 2 year old now says “Daddy watch out” or “dangerous” lol. Getting cold here (hailsham countryside) and some surfaces are so slippery. But still just under freezing, any one got some real cold temperatures yet, or is that later. Skies clear. Still a stiff breeze.
  11. Has veered/skidded off if you excuse the pun. Should also point out they could have earned it all in their own right. My wife might be considered one of those, but she is a shareholder Director of a company with an MBA and her company take more in a day than my little thing turns over a year. You wouldn’t know as I look awful in yoga pants.... small calfs you see.
  12. Any one seen the gritters? I saw one at midday but I assume a lot may have been washed away. Will be a busy night for them.
  13. I had a Range Rover sport on the standard tyres (read summer Pirelli scorpions) and had to park in a car park at our old cottage. My wife a merc rwd kompressor coupe, on winter tyres. We went to swap cars over so I could go on driveway in 2013 I think and I could barely get out of sheet ice car park. Even with all land rovers trickery. She managed in the merc to drive around it so easily with proper winter tyres. Again though would be better in a fwd or 4x4. I got completely stuck in a manual front wheel drive Volvo on a tiny hill with cheap tyres! I had never been stuck before. Or since
  14. It’s certainly a genaralisation. Honda drivers old, French cars no good or don’t care about safety, Ford ??? Etc. It’s wrong to generalise about driving because of a unconscious bias. Main thing is with the ice around later and now, drive as if there is an egg under each pedal and as was said increase stopping distances massively. Even winter tyres won’t save you.
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