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  1. What a day in Peterborough. Work day but out delivering all day. Snow started as soon as I got to work at 1pm and stopped around 8pm. Periods of extremely heavy snow at least 2 or 3 times. Most intense snow I’ve seen this far south. Epic day. I’d say there’s at least 6 inches in some areas. Thankful to have been in the pivot point. Really amazing.
  2. Seems the apps have removed all the snow potential for the wee hours, to be discarded and nowcast/lamppost watch?
  3. According to local stations on Wunderground... Temp 0/-1 Dew point 0/-1 South East Peterborough
  4. Spoke too soon... pepped up a bit 63232924603__BFC055CE-5DFD-48AE-950D-943A36C22FAE.MOV
  5. Been snowing in Peterborough for the last hour or so. Settling on non soaked surfaces but not especially heavy.
  6. Interesting times ahead! I generally only frequent for the winter time on the forum and do thoroughly enjoy threads like these where it is relatively easy to work what is a good indicator. Excited for the months ahead!
  7. Seeing flashes to the west and south of Peterborough. West looks quite constant
  8. If only you could get sound, that airport looks biblical!
  9. Fair enough, apologies if my reading was in-correct! Appears it was
  10. Allegedly so! No need to take my word for it however!
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