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  1. Yeah just use Pivotal weather Models: GFS — Pivotal Weather WWW.PIVOTALWEATHER.COM View GFS weather model forecast map image for 2 m AGL Dew Point in United Kingdom on pivotalweather.com.
  2. Any chance we'd be able to change the map background colour? I was out chasing in the West Country last Tuesday night. NW storm radar is obviously one of the best apps to use but there was one problem. I have a fairly large screen on my phone and the glare of the app with it's light background was a bit distracting whilst driving. I like the map style background because I can see where I am and the road options but can we have an option to change the background colour? Tim
  3. How often has this occurred? Very rarely I suspect. The current UK hotspot being Shetland! It's the very last part of the UK to be fully under the last weeks hot air mass.
  4. I've just noticed that the chaser app chaser location works in the UK. Would it be possible for the Netweather Radar apps to have the option for placefiles or chaser locations (PYKL has it built in) so if we ever have a decent storm day in the UK it would be interesting to see how many people are chasing and also making it easy to network/meet up when out on the roads? Tim
  5. Also at the end of the day December isn't on average the coldest month of the winter nor is June the warmest month of the summer. Therefore neither December or June are mid winter or mid summer!
  6. Hi, Another UK weather site with it's premium package has a chase mode radar that works within your browser so that your location is tracked live with a dot showing your GPS position. To my knowledge I can't see this option with Net Weather Extra, would it be possible to have this feature? Tim
  7. What I'd like is a GPS based one where you have a dot that moves as you travel so basically like the storm chasing apps. Eg something like this http://www.pykl3radar.com/ but for the UK. What would be really good is if it also had an option to log in under a Net-weather extra radar subscription where you get the 5 minute updates. Also a final thing maybe a chaser location app as a separate one which does similar to the USA ones with GRlevel 3 where UK chasers can be pin-pointed by positions when we out chasing.
  8. Looking at Doing Saturday afternoon. Possibly central southern England area.
  9. Think I'd head towards Pine Bluff now.
  10. I know there's the trees but I'd be looking to start around Jonesboro AK today.
  11. Well the way I'm looking at it is in the 80's we had 83 & 89. The 70's 75 & 76. Even if you go back to the 1800's wasn't the warmest ever June recorded in the middle of them somewhere? We're bound to get a good summer at some point as the past shows it always happens. But as some people have been saying we also haven't had a really bad summer in terms of temperature either. I think it will go one of two ways. It'll either be really good or really bad!
  12. Tim

    IMG 20120829 184735 503689947

    Funnel cloud over Bristol Airport
  13. Since Feb 1991 in Bristol.
  14. This is amazing reading! I've not seen 10 inches of snow since the early 80`s!
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