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  1. I am calling for some cold shots in the 2nd half of the month. Will fall back to 8.9C after a very mild opening week.
  2. If we carry on getting continental blocked weather patterns, it is only a matter of time that it will get colder. Give to a couple of months and I predict a cold December if the pattern we have seen through much of 2018 continues.
  3. You're not wrong there. That was incredible in Oct 1921. The 8C isotherm was over England for most of the period! The middle period of Oct 2018 is looking very mild though. Some daily records could come under threat. http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/archives/archives.php?mode=2&month=9&day=16&year=1921&map=3&hour=0&type=ncep
  4. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    I went to Provence in early June and it predictably warm ( mid to high 20s). What I didn't realise was when I came home, it continued in this vein week after week. After a week of uncomfortable sleeping, I pitched a tent in the garden and stayed there for 6 weeks! Incredible summer.
  5. 13C. The first half of October is heading into warmest on record territory..
  6. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    Autumn 2018

    How close are we to this September being the sunniest on record? Does anyone have a link to the sunshine record for September in the UK, and if Sept 2018 if anywhere near beating it?
  7. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    Mid Summer Report on 2018

    I see Drought 2018 post is similar to this, so you can delete this thread if you wish.
  8. So we have just gone past the midway point of the Meteorological summer. How is it faring against the legendary summer of yesteryear (1976, 1983, 1995, 2003, 2006)? For instance is June/ July 2018 close to 1976 in terms of temperature and rainfall up to the middle of July? I am going to stick my neck out here, judging by the extended forecast and say 2018 will be drier than 1976 up to the end of July. I think it may fall short on temperature.
  9. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    Best and Worst Summers?

    I like summer warmth late on as the nights are drawing in. 2006 was great. I wasn't in the UK for much of August 1995, so I can't comment on that one. This summer is shaping up to be my new no1. Too hot to work in, but being able to walk around in shorts and flip flops and be warm at 8am and 9pm for weeks at a time is amazing! Feels like I am in Provence not Coventry.
  10. It's not so much 21C that I need, it is a balance. If I see a forecast of 2 rainy days followed by 2 sunny days, I can cope knowing the sun will be out soon. Let's face it, we live in the UK, not Spain. The grass is green here for a reason. I struggle when the extended forecast is showing a rain symbol every day for a week. That has happened a few times this year. I agree people have different thresholds for the kind of temperature they enjoy. There is a lot to be said for 10-14C and sun with a light breeze. You can do hard outdoor work without raising a sweat.
  11. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    The December in the Midlands was great. The snow in Feb was fun, but March and early April was a drag, leaving me longing for some prolonged high pressure. Next week looks like it's delivering the goodies, with ECM 240 showing high pressure to our west. So I now feel confident to wave a cheery bye bye to cold weather and snow for the next 7-8 months.
  12. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I remember 2013 didn't get any real spring warmth through April and the first half of May. The next 10 days are showing below average temperatures of 10-11C highs. I wouldn't be surprised to see April continue this cold trend. I want some spring warmth now. Sick of snow! Enjoyed the winter wonderland that was early Dec in Coventry and early March brought another good sledging day with the kids. But this latest snow has been and gone with a cold wind so we didn't feel like going out in it. pinning my hopes on the ECM 12Z delivering an Azores high, but confidence is low!
  13. Enjoyed the late snow. Not so much the wind chill. But it was impressive to behold. We now appear to be in a period of weather that does not interest me. Until we start hitting temps in the 18C plus range towards April, I prefer the snow and cold to wind and rain, like many on here. But when will we record an 18C? I would definitely be hoping to achieve this in March here in Coventry, but not sure this year.
  14. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    The coming 5 days is as good as it gets for the UK. Blizzards forecast for the south coast come the end of the week. Before that heavy snow for the Midlands on Tues and more snow for the north on Weds. A biting easterly wind. If you are not content with this, you should probably be looking to emigrate to a colder place.
  15. BlueSkies_do_I_see

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    A broken clock is correct twice a day..