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  1. Met Office and Microsoft to build weather-forecasting supercomputer | UK weather | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM System will be among top 25 supercomputers in world and twice as powerful as any other in Britain
  2. I've enjoyed the snow. I'll take either extreme- ice days or warm spring- like sunshine like we experienced in Feb 2019. Judging by the models, we may be swinging from one to the other over the coming days. Whilst we are locked down, only able to take local exercise, the snow and bright sunshine that followed, lifted the gloom of winter.
  3. I'm not a a gambler, but just out of interest.. If you have a free £100 introductory bookies bet of odds of 5/1 on 40C being reached in the UK by Aug 31 2025. Or odds of 5/1 on it not being reached by that date which bet would you take? (You wouldn't be paid out, either way until that date.)
  4. Ok, you guys are right. These storms followed the jet stream se to nw. I happen to live in the firing line. I hope you get some decent heat next week.
  5. Well I don't think anyone can complain about the early summer weather being boring so far. A whole bunch of storms now looking to follow up with a hot spell! My kids have never seen so much lightning. Got some convective weather fans in the making here in Coventry!
  6. I don't usually welcome the rain, but I have a lot of plants and veg to water in my garden. I'm on a water meter and all 3 of my water butts are empty. So bring it on. Once they are full, next week, you can resume the sunny, dry summer. Thank you.
  7. I'm pinning all my hopes on the GEFS 12Z 240hrs tonight...
  8. I'm not someone who chases high temperatures. Light winds, blue skies and 16-22C is fine for me. Mid April to mid June during settled periods like this are the months I wait the rest of the year to experience again. By late Jine, July, and early August the night-time heat gets too much for me and I retreat to a tent in the garden or even better the coast.
  9. Probably not but it is going to be up there. One of the driest, sunniest for sure. This after all those weeks of rain. Get used to it. These type of spring into summer prolonged high pressure systems like we experienced in 2018 will be a frequent visitor to our shores. Nothing surprises me any more. I fully expect temps of 35C+ this summer.
  10. I can't remember an April and May like this one. My 3 water butts are almost empty. Temps into the 20s for most of the next 2 weeks in the London area. Has there ever been a warmer spring than this one is modelled to be?
  11. Mike, I had a flick through to May 2018, to see how people were viewing the potential that month You made a CFS post mid month that showed a lot of high pressure. How does it compare to this year's CFS chart? (Page 29 on link below.) Sorry I don't know how to remove the box below.. I would love a repeat of 2018. Looking good for next week with high pressure but no plume. Perfect for outdoors during lockdown.
  12. Hoping for a 2018. I spent much of that summer camping in my own garden because I dislike hot nights. Expecting a 2019. Given the warming we are experiencing globally, a cool summer will be an anomaly.
  13. It seems more likely we will reach 20C during winter these days than see a significant nationwide snow event (1963/79/2010). If I had a choice of a £1000 wager on either, my money would be on the former. Sad really.
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