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  1. Matthew Kelly

    SW & CS England Regional Weather Discussion

    Sleety rain with the odd flake here in Shaftesbury 30 mins ago.
  2. Thankyou! We first spotted it in Templecombe. I'm guessing it would have been over Marnhall, Sturminster direction at the time. Shame the pics I got didn't do it true justice!
  3. Hi all, first post. Thought I'd just share this funnel / tornado I witnessed yesterday at about 5:20pm on the A357 Henstridge traveling towards Stalbridge. (Somerset/Dorset boarder). When first spotted it was snaking towards the ground, couldn't say if it touched down or not. Sod's law, first available spot I could pull over for pic it was obscured behind house (see pic to the right of chimney). Tried to then get closer but as you can see it had already started to dissipate in the 2nd pic. Very exciting for my 10 yr old boy who was sat with me, now a budding storm chaser!
  4. Must be sat under convergence zone , low level cloud traveling SE and high level traveling NNW
  5. Storms hit One of the few places not covered by met office warning, the far south west, oh dear!