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  1. Quick development from the shower just on the southern tip of the IOW.
  2. More northwards shift now on that beast over northern France no?
  3. Ah bummer! There seems to be a fair bit formed since I've been here which is only 5 minutes.
  4. Some form of brewing happening over the isle of wight associated with the couple of showers there. You never know!
  5. A cell has just popped up in Normandy abouve that rain band finally pushing it's way North.
  6. Let's hope so everything has been either to the west or east of us lol watching it physically growing!
  7. Sorry if picture isn't great but snowmania this is to the west of gosport towards that way
  8. Got this nice tower shooting up towards the N NW of Gosport.
  9. Id like to be on the east Anglian coast watching the light show. If visibility allows of course.
  10. Lovely morning here. Blue skies a little bit of broken cloud. That's all.
  11. Yeah probably least you had a more "productive" day than we did. We had light rain for a bit that then made everything foggy and warm. Then the sun popped out for a short while.
  12. I think it's bust for us on the south coast or are there supposed to be developments tonight or those showers over N.France get a shifty on over this way? I'm not sure even the showers know what their plans are! Lol
  13. Certainly some nice juicy showers on the Cherbourg peninsula. For me tho I think I need to be looking more east?
  14. Warm and very muggy here in Gosport. The suns trying hard to come out. A lot of moisture around after the rain this morning.
  15. Strikes being detected over north western France.
  16. Yeah same here lol especially as it's not a million miles away from me. But hey its warm the suns out and bbq weather so not a bad deal if no storms!
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