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  1. been heavy in Perth for a hour or so now.
  2. fantastic, wish id thought of that when kids were a few years younger.
  3. cheers Edo, that's us done for now.
  4. @NUT , thoughts are with you.
  5. looking forward to temps where they should be. cant see much coming in the way of snow for my area but its not rain and its not mild.
  6. aye just been in there for a bit mate, smashed the record for blocking a poster for being a WUM. then laughed at other responses.
  7. fully agree Catch, no point trying to figure things out in model thread either, as despite the countdown time, already there are a lot of IMBY posts.
  8. one mention of the snow gates shut, regardless of the reason and the MT looks like a grenade went off in it.
  9. merry christmas to everyone who frequents this fantastic area of the forum.
  10. Scotland - Weather Chat

    In LS we trust. Street white now, that may be due to u gritted surface due to big hole in road but I'm taking that. You called it perfect with the second band mate.
  11. Scotland - Weather Chat

    I'm holding you to that LS
  12. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Meh, that about sums things up so far.