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  1. As we’ve just had about two hours of moderate snow in Exeter when rain had been shown is the cold being more stubborn to shift? Is the situation still regarded as marginal?
  2. Anyone have any idea what the nighttime temps maybe if there is lying/falling snow? Always here how it gets cold over snowfields but wondered if that applies if it’s still falling? would still be bitter Friday night
  3. As someone who lurks in here without commentating I find it increasingly frustrating with thise people who take great delight in trying to prove people wrong. I’m trying to learn and the mods do a fantastic job but when you’re wading through posts that become so negative I wonder why those people even bother. To get ‘kicks’ from seeing people disappointed is an incredibly immature approach to this in my opinion. Sorry mods as I know this is off topic but trying make sense of what is being shown is hard enough to someone very new !
  4. Out of interest as a lurker where would the sweet spot for the slider be to interest Devon/Somerset? Keep seeing talk of corrections SW so would be interesting to know what im looking for in the models
  5. Been lurking and watching for a couple of years now and get frustrated around this time every year at both the weather and the carry on over in the MAD thread some days. I'm about 250 yards west of the M5 so lamppost watching it is! Unless it shifts west a touch and stalls.....
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