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  1. Turning to wet snow here again. Both the BBC and the Met Office is going for something wintry by dark.
  2. Been snowing here half an hour ago now. Just been to Wetherspoons in Chorley and had a Haggis burger!! Still snowing here moderately not sticking though.
  3. no snow here so far. I got a feeling it will come here soon.
  4. Low dew points and higher ground is the key today for snow. If the ppn is heavy enough it may turn to snow for a brief period at sea level.
  5. It is a Mad House in the model thread atm. I don't if its a good run or not. I guess it is benefitting from where the members live.
  6. The met office says my location is going for rain tommorow but I got a feeling its probably wrong.
  7. Ice pellets are falling here. They like small hailstones mixed with the rain. I think that is the first indication of cold air mass is arriving.
  8. Met Office now showing snow flurries on Thursday in Chorley for me. At least there is Hope at last! In fact it could snow following days as well and the met office showing cloudy weather and temps just above freezing most of daytime.
  9. I am getting tired of this dull, damp weather. I am hoping the weather will bring snow and cold in the next few weeks.
  10. I had a dust storm on Christmas Eve morning then it cleared up and on Xmas Day it was beautiful with clear blue skies in Tenerife, which I taken a picture above. At least I had a nice Xmas weather abroad!
  11. Just come back from Tenerife and no snow on the ground. Whats going on?! If its Bartlett High I'm gonna throw up!!
  12. I'm am going away from Saturday to Tenerife. I will return on the 27th Dec hopefully theres snow on the ground by then. Have a Happy Christmas everyone!!
  13. Question. Is the storm force winds tommorow part of Storm Diana?
  14. Chris Fawkes @_chrisfawkes Arpege model has trended more powerful low too with 90mph gusts NE Eng/SE Scot as low leaves our shores early Thursday afternoon. Sticking with top gust to 80mph for now.
  15. Thoughts of this month: Boring. No snow and No storms. On the bright side I am going to Tenerife over Christmas. At least I'm looking forward to the hot and sunny weather!!
  16. Just been to the Christmas Market in Manchester. It was cold, damp and windy while I'm over there. No rain though, probably because of rain-shadow effect. The food was very good and tasty!
  17. Winds are picking up here. My location expecting gusts up to 50 mph.
  18. A yellow warning just got issued by the Met Office. A band of heavy rain is expected to move east during Friday with widely 15-25 mm of rain falling and perhaps 40-60 mm over higher ground. This will be in addition to other spells of heavy rain earlier in the week affecting a similar area. Rain will be accompanied by strong winds with gusts of 50 mph possible inland and perhaps 60 mph around some coasts. Regions and local authorities affected: Northern Ireland South West England Wales
  19. Official Weather UK @_NorwichWeather ·2m Still looking pretty #stormy for Friday with a deep area of low pressure bringing wild #winds & more heavy #rain to swathes of the UK, 60-70mph gusts look possible. These gusts fall within #storm categorising threshold so I will review the situation later today. #StormDeirdre??
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