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  1. Models are showing unseasonbly warm weather for next weekend. Crap and these set-ups are wasted on the wrong season.
  2. Just checked the Met Office app and it says 90mph from 4am to 7am here! Is it going to be a Amber warning in our region do you reckon?
  3. Still partial snow cover here, mostly in the sheltered areas. That means I had snow cover for 5 days here. Expecting rain tonight. But I wish the Gulf Stream would slow down alot sooner.
  4. Those showers from the east is getting further inland now. I might see some flurries here. I'm in Chorley town centre right now. Snow cover is little deeper than where I live bit lower down.
  5. The showers are fizzling out as it crossing the hills. I don't think I will expect anything here today.
  6. Why can't the Met Office extend the snow/ice warning to us? The showers are reaching us. Maybe they just too worried about the south.
  7. Wow its snowing and a fresh light covering here too. Not bad!
  8. Nice day with little thawing of snow cover, almost an Ice day here. Only thing that got completely thawed is the frost.
  9. 60% of snow cover being maintained here.
  10. It is getting foggy here now.
  11. It is getting misty here. I bet the temperatures are dropping like a stone here now. Could be a icy evening rush hour here.
  12. Rapid thaw in progress...
  13. How about 'Insert Snow To Continue'?
  14. Yes it seems to me its heading more east now. Weird!
  15. No surprises there. Hopefully the cloud cover should keep the snow cover here in the next couple of days maybe even Freezing fog to start with!
  16. Couple of school kids managed to build a few snowmen there in the school field.
  17. Its gone light here now and I can see clears skies too. I've enjoyed the daytime snowfall though!
  18. Yes still heavy snow here.
  19. Getting bit heavier now. Decent flakes too.
  20. To me it is still coming towards me.
  21. Just snowing light now. Little thaw so far.
  22. Snowing in Blackpool that is always nice to see. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/blackpool/blackpool.html