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  1. Some heavy showers coming from Blackpool way i think.
  2. The shower north of Blackpool got oomph in it coming straight for us. Morecambe bay is coming alive now.
  3. Thats strange theres a shower just formed over Blackpool going straight for us I think.
  4. Those showers north of the batch is heading towards us I think. Hopefully they gonna have some good developments on the way here.
  5. The Irish Sea coming back to life sort of according to the radar.
  6. Must be the cold pool got drag down from the West Pennine Moors.
  7. It is snow according to the netweather radar over me. So it must be snow.
  8. The sky is getting orange. A good sign. Snowing now.
  9. Snow shower closing in here. Looking forward to it! I'm hoping its dryer this time as powder.
  10. This is how much snow I got here: Theres couple of cm up the road in Abbey Village though.
  11. Snowing and it's trying to stick on ground now in Chorley.
  12. I'm at work ATM in Chorley it is snowing lightly now.
  13. Looks to me it is piling into the region giving us persistent snow.
  14. It is stopped now but I am certain theres more on the way.
  15. Going to sleep. Good night people! Looking forward to tommorow's weather!
  16. Those green on the radar is spreading into where I live now from the West Pennine Moors.
  17. I think there is showers just right behind it according to radar.
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