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  1. About time it reaches here it be wet snow/sleet. Not expecting anything today. It is ok abit higher up than I am.
  2. I think that streamer to the west of Blackpool is got my and spah's name on it.
  3. Icon still showing a significant snow event for the Midlands.
  4. Change of wind direction can be a game changer. Hopefully it will benefit us more.
  5. That streamer off the coast of the lakes are knocked out by change of wind direction.
  6. Those showers over northern ireland are having no problem crossing the land and heading our way.
  7. Those showers of the coast of N Ireland are heading towards us. That must be a trough. I'm not giving up just yet.
  8. That will fizzle out before it reaches here. Those clumps of showers south of it probably gonna reach here.
  9. Nah. Thats long way off yet. I take it as pinch of salt.
  10. At home now and hardly any snow here too! At my home. Up in Chorley. Two Worlds in space of a few miles.
  11. There is also snow on the grass as well I take picture soon.
  12. It is still snowing here but the flakes are too small to stick I'm afraid! It's been like this since 1pm now. Hopefully snow showers will piling in behind. I work behind the shop mostly so it's hard to see weather with a room with no windows.
  13. It was 20 minutes ago. I'm inside right now. I'm at work til 4pm I won't know til 4.
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