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  1. It is getting misty here. I bet the temperatures are dropping like a stone here now. Could be a icy evening rush hour here.
  2. Yes it seems to me its heading more east now. Weird!
  3. No surprises there. Hopefully the cloud cover should keep the snow cover here in the next couple of days maybe even Freezing fog to start with!
  4. Couple of school kids managed to build a few snowmen there in the school field.
  5. Its gone light here now and I can see clears skies too. I've enjoyed the daytime snowfall though!
  6. Snowing in Blackpool that is always nice to see. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/blackpool/blackpool.html
  7. That big shower on Fylde coast is very very slow moving!!
  8. I got a feeling it will turn foggy tonight. No wind at all here a perfect ingredient for fog/freezing fog.
  9. Big snow shower coming our way. Good job its slow moving! Should arrive in 5-10 minutes I think but maybe a bit sooner it seems it is fast appraoching me!
  10. Just leapt to shop to recuperate myself abit. It will do I suppose! It is a bit like my South Park picture!!
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