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  1. Just had a wintry shower again couple of minutes ago and it seems the wet snow getting bit more 'dryer' as the colder air mass is closing in.
  2. It seems to me the wet snow tends to be with the heavier bursts here. Its raining now.
  3. wet snow here this time at home at 59 asl!! Just raining now.
  4. Wet snow here in Chorley town centre.
  5. I'm glad the cold spell is about to arrive. I'm going to Tenerife in a few weeks time for 9 days. Hopefully I will see some snow before I go.
  6. Weather warning just being put out over our region. Between 18:00 Thu 23rd and 10:00 Fri 24th Expect some icy patches to form on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths on Thursday evening and overnight into Friday. There is a risk of slippery surfaces and difficult driving conditions. Snow showers are expected, mainly over higher ground in the north and west of Scotland, with longer journey times possible. Chief Forecaster's assessment Showers across northern and western Scotland are expected to bring further snowfall with 1-2 cm possible to low levels, and 2-5 cm above around 200 m. Across Northern Ireland and northern England, snow will be confined to higher routes, but icy patches are likely where showers leave surfaces wet. Not often you see weather warnings like this.
  7. Raining here but theres a bit of sleetiness too.
  8. Feels colder today. I woke up early in the morning by hailstones and I went to sleep again.
  9. Just checked my local Beeb forecast and it shows rain non-stop from Sunday night till Thursday!! Maybe month's worth of rain next week??
  10. First frost of the season here.
  11. It's raining here again. But my BBC weather app just shows it is cloudy now.
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    https://nltimes.nl/2017/10/16/warmest-october-16th-ever-netherlands Warmest October 16th ever in Netherlands
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Seems were under another dust cloud again.