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  1. Apart from the noisy wind from last night of course!
  2. Wind here is howling like mad!! Just can't get sleep!! Strange the Met Office says upto 30mph winds but really it is stronger than forecast.
  3. I've been thinking how I rate this Winter last few days. I rate this Winter 6/10 because its definately better than last year's, I had couple of weeks of cold weather and snow mostly light. Only seen 2-3 days of heavy snow lasted a few minutes here overall giving a slight covering. It could've been worse though.
  4. Snowing in Blackpool Live Cam Blackpool WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM View of the Promenade and Central Pier from Viva Blackpool
  5. I'm actually expected the weather warning to get cancelled today.
  6. Just watched the met office forecast. At the end the text says 'Cold wind, Wet in west (some snow) and Milder by next week'. Screams downgrade to me. Atlantic wins in the end. (Breakdown just a whimper)
  7. Just had a decent snow shower and left a thin covering here. Bit more intense than the previous flurries of this spell.
  8. All I've got here is scattered flurries today. Not proper snow showers. Last chance tommorow before winds turns more south-easterly.
  9. All we've got here is flurries today. Not proper snow showers. I prefer a front loaded snow but that is probably never gonna happen. More chance of you winning a lottery than having a front loaded snow stall over us.
  10. Yes I've tried use the snap map link to show us the snow in Germany. But it doesn't work on here somehow.
  11. Just been out for a walk and it is absolutely freezing out there!! I can't remember last time this freezing before. Maybe back in 2012-13.
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