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  1. Nice Sunset!! Instability + Sunset = Amazing view!! Reminds me of going to Thailand.
  2. I've looked in snapchat map for Wigan and the streets are turned into little rivers!
  3. Something is developing in the south of the region atm. Maybe we could see some storms tonight.
  4. What a night!! I've had frequent lightning across the skies last night. That was lasted a long time here, never seen such frequent lightning in these parts before!!
  5. Last night was insane. The wind were howling and I couldn't sleep! I've not expected that! Pretty unusual for this time of year.
  6. In the middle of the night I've encountered thunder and lightning when I'm sleeping. I didn't bothered to see it because I was tired after a busy day in the garden.
  7. Steve Lookner Retweeted Amichai [email protected] #BREAKING: London is expected to go into lockdown in the coming days, a source close to the mayor's office told The Telegraph WOW!!
  8. Disclose.tv @disclosetv·1m The #COVID19 pandemic: - Jan 19: 100 cases - Jan 24: 1,000 cases - Jan 28: 5,000 cases - Feb 12: 50,000 cases - Mar 06: 100,000 cases - Mar 14: 150,000 cases - Mar 18: 200,000 cases
  9. Sky News @SkyNews·2m Coronavirus: Filming of EastEnders suspended until further notice
  10. Entire continent of Europe is now officially has Covid-19 now as Montenegro report it's first case. So not one European country have escaped this crisis. https://nationalpost.com/pmn/health-pmn/montenegro-reports-first-case-of-corona-virus-infection
  11. Sky News Breaking @SkyNewsBreak·1m McDonalds has confirmed from 5am on Wednesday morning all restaurants in the UK and Ireland will close seating areas and temporarily move to being takeaway, drive-through and delivery operations only to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak
  12. RT Sport @RTSportNews·34m BREAKING: Deputy head of Japan’s Olympic Committee has tested POSITIVE for Coronavirus It must be way, way more widespread since famous people/politicians have it.
  13. Going into a huge gathering is like going into the battlefield/warzone regarding this Pandemic.
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