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  1. It is been a fine week here. I'm hoping for a rain-shadow/foehnn effect here tommorow since its coming from the East. I think winds have to be light enough to do it. Fingers crossed for another dry day.
  2. It is being a nice weekend. Next week from tommorow going to be even warmer! Yesterday I been to Wetherspoons in Chorley with my friend. I had a Drive-Thru burger. It was nice then I went to the party in garden had some bbq hotdogs and bbq pork chops. Today I been sunbathing!! My next day off is on Wednesday and Thursday hopefully it will be a lovely few days with wall to wall sunshine!
  3. Looks like another fine day here with warm sunshine on offer! In fact this week is going to be quite nice and warm. At this weekend warmer still.
  4. A wild wet day here. I hope May will bring better weather. Fingers crossed! Not this May though:
  5. Looks like its gonna be a hot one today.
  6. First day of actual warm weather have finally arrived! :)

  7. It is cloudy here. I thought the sunny weather would be here by now. The wind is quite warm compared a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Sunny and warm here I've even played football with my niece in shorts!!
  9. Raining with bit of sleet mixed in here.
  10. The Beast from the East part 3 is just a myth here. I'm not expecting any snow at all this Easter. I am looking for warmth now as I changed my Profile picture for Summer!!
  11. Most of the snow here just melted now. I just bet regardless how cold it is this time of year it will melt in the strong sun.
  12. Just measured the snow on the sheltered bin. It is almost 4cm!! Thats more than the last!!
  13. Now I'll will rate this Winter 6/10 if its a white Easter I'll probably rate 7/10. It was 5/10.
  14. Best shower all day here and it gives me half a cm in couple of minutes.