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  1. The 6z run is not as good as yesterdays. Well I'm off because I'm not bothered at all!! See you guys when the runs next time picking up the goods.
  2. It might. I think. It should lower the dew points if the ppn becomes heavier.
  3. Turning to wet snow here again. Both the BBC and the Met Office is going for something wintry by dark.
  4. Just turned to sleet and rain here last 10 minutes.
  5. Been snowing here half an hour ago now. Just been to Wetherspoons in Chorley and had a Haggis burger!! Still snowing here moderately not sticking though.
  6. no snow here so far. I got a feeling it will come here soon.
  7. Low dew points and higher ground is the key today for snow. If the ppn is heavy enough it may turn to snow for a brief period at sea level.
  8. It is a Mad House in the model thread atm. I don't if its a good run or not. I guess it is benefitting from where the members live.
  9. The met office says my location is going for rain tommorow but I got a feeling its probably wrong.
  10. Hint of sleetiness in the rain now.
  11. Ice pellets are falling here. They like small hailstones mixed with the rain. I think that is the first indication of cold air mass is arriving.